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Seed Silo Garden

The Seed Silo Garden offers a colorful display that complements a clearly defined border .

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The pink of the evening primrose and the bright-orange of Texas lantana give this garden at the base of the Seed Silo colorful, seasonal appeal.

This garden complements the clearly defined border and strong lines of the wall and silo. In order to tie in with surrounding prairie and meadow gardens, some of the same species are included such as purple coneflower and prairie goldenrod.

The sharp colors throughout the year will be maximized through “time-sharing” where more than one species, active at different times of the year, may be planted in the same spot. For example, the early spring bloomer, foxglove, is planted in the same spot as Texas lantana, which blooms later in the summer.

Special attention has been made to contrast forms and textures of flowers and foliage. The Texas redbud, at the back of the garden is being groomed as an “espalier” where all the branches are pruned on a single plane.

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