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Erma Lowe Hill Country Stream

Sit by the Erma Lowe Hill Country Stream and listen to the musical trickle of the water as it flows over the rocks.

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Living things gravitate towards water. Proof lies in the palm-shaped pinnules of the maiden hair ferns and the curious fingers of countless children. Neither can be deterred from dangling pieces of themselves into the current of the Erma Lowe Hill Country Stream.

Designed by David Mahler of Environmental Survey Consulting, this stream was modeled after a typical stream found in the Hill Country of Texas. A large pump re-circulates the water. Areas of shade and sun, and fast and slow moving water, create a diversity of niches for plants and wildlife.

The water-gardener can take home ideas of what native plants will do well in various depths of water and under sun or shady conditions. All living things here are native to the Hill Country.

Follow the stream to the pool at the end. This is one of the best sites to observe wildlife (neon skimmers and other dragonflies, the occasional painted bunting, cardinals, butterflies, ribbon snakes, fish and leopard frogs).

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