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Entrance Trail

The large Live Oaks along the Entrance Trail invite you to leave your road worries behind and reconnect to the natural world.

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Welcome to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. The idea behind the entrance trail is that you can decompress a little as you walk towards the gardens. The plants that you see as you walk along the entrance trail are mostly Ashe Junipers, Cedar Elms and Live Oaks: typical Hill Country tree species.

During your time at the Wildflower Center, keep your eye out for the black labels that explain more about the different plant species. The largest trees along the front entry walk are Live Oaks. If you look up into the canopy, you will notice grey, fuzzy looking balls. This plant is known as ball moss. Ball moss is not actually a "true" moss. Rather it is an epiphyte (a plant that lives on another plant) looking for a place to live high in the canopy.

As you walk towards the gardens, you will notice that the soils we have here in the Texas Hill Country are very rocky and thin. This provides us with a unique flora that has adapted over many years to live in lean soils.

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