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Beautyberries not poisonous to cats and dogs from Haddonfield NJ

Author: Barbara Medford
Date: Tuesday - December 11, 2012
From: Haddonfield, NJ

QUESTION: Are beauty berry plants poisonous to cats/dogs? Would like to use branches w/berries and leaves as indoor decorations.


We get lots of questions about this gorgeous plant. Here is a previous Mr. Smarty Plants question concerning whether it is poisonous to people or animals. Follow this link, Callicarpa americana (American beautyberry), to our webpage on this plant where you will learn, among other things, that it does not grow naturally north of Maryland. If you have it thriving in your New Jersey garden, well done! Enjoy it at Christmas.

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Callicarpa americana

Callicarpa americana

Callicarpa americana
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