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Effect of heavy rains on Lindheimer Muhly - May 04, 2015

It is April 2015, in San Antonio we've had very heavy rains recently. My Lindhe...
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Can bluebonnet pods be gathered when green in Lockhart, TX - May 02, 2015

Can bluebonnet seed pods be gathered when green? Will the seed be capable of ge...
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Oak Sucker Reprise - May 02, 2015

----Original Question---- SUNDAY - JULY 06, 2014 Title: Live Oak Suckers Repr...
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Need an inexpensive blooming tree in Venus, TX - May 02, 2015

I need a non expensive booming tree for our yard.
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- May 01, 2015

Greetings! I am hoping to gain privacy on a 30' swath with existing 6' privac...
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Wildflower Seed Planting in Austin in April - April 30, 2015

What wildflower seeds can I plant in April? Is there a schedule?
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Will Hellebores planted in the soil near vegetables transfer poisons to them? - April 29, 2015

I just planted helleborus in my garden and have now read that they are toxic. Th...
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Finding a manzanita species suitable for Fort Worth, TX - April 28, 2015

Which manzanita shrub would thrive best in the Fort Worth, Tx. area? I was think...
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