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Native Plant How To Articles
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How To Articles

Ever wondered how to grow bluebonnets, collect rainwater or create a garden that attracts wildlife? The articles listed below contain a wealth of information about the sustainable use and conservation of native wildflowers, plants and landscapes.

Why Natives

Using Native Plants
The use of native plants can provide economic, ecological and aesthetic benefits.
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When is a Guest a Pest?
Invasive species impact native plants, animals, and natural ecosystems.
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Gardening with Native Plants

A Guide to Native Plant Gardening
The environmental, economic, and aesthetic benefits of gardening with native plants.
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Butterfly Gardening
Establishing a butterfly garden at your home or workplace is a rewarding activity.
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Caring for Your New Native Plants
Properly placing and careing for your new native plants is an important step in successfully establishing them.
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Container Gardening with Native Plants
No place outside to plant a garden? Container gardening can be just as rewarding.
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Native Lawns: Buffalograss
Buffalograss is an attractive, fine-textured, low water use alternative to water-guzzling turf.
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Gardening Timeline
When to do seasonal tasks in your garden: A timeline
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Native Lawns: HABITURF™ - the ecological lawn
Get rid of the conventional, manicured lawn and start a native lawn for your house.
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Under Cover with Mulch
Andrea DeLong-Amaya explains the benefits of mulch.
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Water Gardening
Create a water garden oasis in your backyard.
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Wildlife Gardening
If you want to attract animals to your domain, their basic needs must be met.
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All About Bluebonnets

How to Grow Bluebonnets
Step by step instructions on how to plant bluebonnets.
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Rhizobium FAQs
How to grow Bluebonnets and the story with Rhizobium bacteria.
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Scarification FAQS
A hard seed coat may be overcome by scarifying the seed.
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Wildflower Planting

Getting Started
Taking on a large scale wildflower planting can be daunting, but the outcome is well worth it.
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Meadow Gardening
With the proper establishment, a wildflower meadow can deliver a low maintenace landscape.
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Recreating a Prairie
The prairie restoration movement is spreading throughout North America.
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Sow Wildflowers in Spring for Summer Flowers
Fall is the best time to sow seed in Texas for spring flowers.
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Roadside Planting
Here is how you can contribute to your roadside beautification and conservation.
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Seed Collecting and Storage
Seed collecting can support large scale wildflower planting if done in the correct manner.
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Ecological Citizenship

Addressing Texas Invasive Plants
Learn to identify, treat two plants crowding out bluebonnets and other natives
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Alternatives to Collecting Wildflowers
Here are some alternatives to collecting that help preserve our natural heritage.
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Be PlantWise - Conservation Partnership
Guidelines to prevent harmful invasive plants from invading parklands and natural areas.
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Rainwater Harvesting
Make a healthy investment in an ecologically sustainable future.
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Bringing wildflowers into your home can be the perfect way to make your living space more natural.
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