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Centaurea americana

Centaurea americana Nutt.

American basket-flower, American star-thistle, Basket-Flower, Star thistle, Shaving brush

Asteraceae (Aster Family)

USDA Symbol: CEAM2
USDA Native Status: L48 (N)
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Specimen & Label Data

Centaurea americana

American Basket-Flower


Location: South side of Hwy 306 and 8 km east of US Hwy 281.
Latitude: 0.000000

Habitat: Open area, among Poaceae.

Description: Annual, 60-150 tall. Phyllaries strongly imbricated. Ray flowers wanting. Disk flowers lavender to cream, 50-87 1 mm dia, deeply incised into 4-5 linear lobes.

County: Comal
Collector: Mary Beth White
Collection Date: Jun 1, 1993
Specimen number: 143

Herbarium Owner: NPSOT
Herbarium ID: 0399
Accession Date: Jun 25, 1993
Accession Number: 31

Annotations: SC RC

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