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Ratibida columnifera

Ratibida columnifera (Nutt.) Woot. & Standl.

Mexican hat, Prairie coneflower, Upright prairie coneflower, Red-spike mexican-hat, Long-headed coneflower, Thimbleflower

Asteraceae (Aster Family)

USDA Symbol: RACO3
USDA Native Status: L48 (N), CAN (N)
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Specimen & Label Data

Ratibida columnifera



Location: Edge of ditch, 25 m east of swimming pool--Oakwell Farms.
Latitude: 0.000000

Habitat: Full sun; well drained slope of alkaline, alluvial soil.

Description: Erect, much branched perennial from thick, woody taproot. Branches spreading. Infloresence on naked peduncles to 17 cm. Disk a prominent column, 15 x 6 mm. Ray florets 5 x 8 mm, brown with yellow tips.

County: Bexar
Collector: Harry Cliffe
Collection Date: May 12, 1987
Specimen number: 113

Herbarium Owner: NPSOT
Herbarium ID: 0379
Accession Date: May 25, 1993
Accession Number: 24

Annotations: SCXRB

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