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Hymenopappus scabiosaeus

Hymenopappus scabiosaeus L'Hér.

Carolina woollywhite, Old Plainsman, Woolly-White

Asteraceae (Aster Family)

USDA Native Status: L48 (N)
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Specimen & Label Data

Hymenopappus scabiosaeus

Old Plainsman

Asteraceae (Aster Family)

Location: HC5 Box 5128, Boerne, TX, NE corner of house.
Latitude: 0.000000

Habitat: Deep, well drained soil, disturbed. Full afternoon sun at edge of grove of Juniperus ashei.

Description: Plant to 1 m tall, bushy. Flowers crowded, greenish white.

County: Kendall
Collector: Kristina Coates
Collection Date: Aug 16, 1992
Specimen number: 11

Herbarium Owner: NPSOT
Herbarium ID: 0287A
Accession Date: Jan 5, 1993
Accession Number: 21

Annotations: L' Her

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