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Passiflora affinis

Passiflora affinis Engelm.

Bracted passionflower, Passion flower

Passifloraceae (Passion-Flower Family)

USDA Native Status: L48 (N)
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Specimen & Label Data

Passiflora affinis

Bracted Passion-flower


Location: 225 m E of new iron bridge & 6 m S of walking path - Oakwell Farms.
Latitude: 0.000000

Habitat: Clamboring in various shrubs; half shade; average moisture; alkaline soil.

Description: Glabrous, annual vine; clamboring and climbing by tendrils. Leaves broadly rounded basally; 2-3 rounded lobes; broader than long, about 6-10 cm broad/3-7 cm long; petioled (3 cm). Flowers: 1-2 in axils. Peduncles 1-3 cm. Bracts not persistant. Petals linear, 2 x 8 mm. Fruit subglobose, 8 mm long.

County: Bexar
Collector: Harry Cliffe
Collection Date: Aug 30, 1987
Specimen number: 302

Herbarium Owner: NPSOT
Herbarium ID: 0103
Accession Date: Sep 28, 1993
Accession Number: 41

Annotations: SCFXB

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