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Thelypteris kunthii

Thelypteris kunthii (Desv.) Morton

Wood fern, River fern, Southern shield fern, Kunth's maiden fern, Normal shield fern

Thelypteridaceae (Maiden Fern Family)

USDA Native Status: L48 (N), HI (I), PR (N), VI (N)
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Specimen & Label Data

Thelypteris kunthii

Southern Shield-Fern


Location: S end of culvert on W bound access ramp to Austin Hwy, just W of Ira Lee Rd, San Antonio.
Latitude: 0.000000

Habitat: Damp, limestone roadbase, just above flowing fresh water. Mid-day sun. Small colony.

Description: Pinnate fronds in pairs to 30+ cm long, from creeping rhizomes, ascending. Sori dorsal. Pinnules coarsely toothed. Indusia superior, pubescent, reniform-orbicular w/narrow sinus. Acicular, uni-cellular hairs on costae. Veins reaching leaf margins, free. Basal veins of adjoining ultimate segments free.

County: Bexar
Collector: Harry Cliffe
Collection Date: Nov 4, 1994
Specimen number: 725

Herbarium Owner: NPSOT
Herbarium ID: 1004
Accession Date: Jan 24, 1995
Accession Number: 78

Annotations: SCFRB (In flower & fruit)

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