Native Green Roofs


Green roofs can help cities and improve the quality of the air, reduce stormwater runoff, cool the city, while also improving the energy efficiency of the building beneath them. Results from the first round of tests have been published in the journal Urban Ecosystems. The research currently underway and funded by Huntsman Inc. with additional support from Netafim, Ewing irrigation, Acme Brick, and JDR Enterprises, is looking at optimizing green roofs for our hot climate but simplifying design using recycled and foam products in the growing media.

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Side view of metal insulated boxes that represent simulated green roofs with plants and soil (top), roofs covered with white material (middle), and roofs covered with traditional, black tar-based material (bottom).

Temperatures shown are real-time measurements updated every hour for each roof type, and include the temperature of the roof surface and within the insulated boxes (representing the building interior temperature). The outdoor air temperature is noted above the illustration.

By studying temperatures and rainwater capture capabilities of experimental roof tops at The University of Texas at Austin's Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Dr. Mark Simmons (the center's restoration ecologist) and colleagues have determined that green roofs can cool buildings as well as helping to remove pollutants from and store storm water.


Current Conditons

Temperature: 38.06 F
Relative Humidity: 85.30 %
Dew Point: 34.04 F
Wind Speed: 0.00 mph
Wind Direction: WSW - 249.30°
Wind Chill: 38.06 F
Soil Temperature: 60.25 F
Rain Fall: 0.00 in
Barometric Pressure: 1020.00 mbar
Battery: 12.80 v min

Last update at 4/16/14 - 2:20am

Yesterday's Summary (4/15/2014)

Temperature 58.55 F average
  41.72 F min
  72.71 F max
Relative Humidity 41.88 % min
  95.20 % max
Dew Point 34.41 F min
  69.81 F max
Wind Speed 0.00 mph min
  23.21 mph max
Wind Direction SW 231.30°
Wind Chill 32.59 F min
  72.71 F max
Soil Temperature 45.28 F min
  77.47 F max
Rain Fall 0.76 in total
Battery 12.61 v min

Last update at 4/16/14 - 2:20am

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