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Looking for a way to connect your kids or grandkids with nature? We have ideas here.

Pinecone Bird Feeder

Winter is approaching, and food for birds often becomes scarce. You may already have regional native plants in your garden that offer sustenance to birds in winter. Teach a child about wildlife by helping attract these winter visitors to your yard with a pinecone bird feeder. You will need: pine cones, peanut butter, craft sticks, birdseed, plate, ribbon and scissors.

  1. To make a pinecone bird feeder, use a craft stick to liberally apply peanut butter to the pinecones.
  2. Roll your sticky creation in a pan of birdseed and gently shake off excess seed.
  3. Tie a festive ribbon tightly around the base of each pinecone and measure your ribbon to hang in a place that will be far enough away from pesky squirrels.
  4. Don't forget to hang your pinecone birdfeeder in a place where you can enjoy watching and recording visits of these holiday visitors.
  5. Remember: For every pound of peanut butter you can make 10 pinecone birdfeeders!
  6. Any extra feeders may be wrapped in wax paper and stored in the freezer.

developed by Stephen Brueggerhoff

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