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Glossary of commonly used botanical terms and their definitions. Use the search bar below to look up a botanical term.

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15 Random Botanical Terms

Cuspidate - Tipped with a sharp firm point.

Compound leaf - A leaf that is completely separated into two or more leaflets.

Thorn - A sharp-pointed structure formed by a modified branch.

Rhizobia - Soil-borne bacteria which form nitrogen-rich root nodules.

Receptacle - End of stem to which flowers are attached. lFig. 1)

Monoecious - A plant or plant species producing male and female reproductive structures on the same plant but on separate flowers.

Rachis - The axis of a pinnately compound leaf.

Complete flower - A flower with sepals, petals, stamens, and pistil present.

Dentate - Sharply toothed, with the teeth pointing straight out from the margin.

Hermaphrodite - Bisexual, having both male and female parts in the same flower.

Umbel - A rounded or flat topped cluster of flowers on stems that radiate from the tip of the main stem. A compound umbel has smaller umbels at the ends of the radiating stems.

Pedicel - The stalk of a single flower in a cluster of flowers.

FACU* - Faculative Upland - Nonhydrophyte. Usually occurs in non-wetlands, but may occur in wetlands. Occurs only in the South Pacific Islands subregion.

Sessile - Lacking a stalk of any kind: a flower without a pedicel or a leaf without a petiole.

Prickle - A sharp process on the surface of a twig or leaf, an outgrowth.

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