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Glossary of commonly used botanical terms and their definitions. Use the search bar below to look up a botanical term.

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15 Random Botanical Terms

Pistil - The seed-producing or female organ, consisting of ovary, style, and stigma; usually located in the center of the flower.

Calyx - The sepals taken collectively. These may be distinct, or joined to form a cup or tube; they may be of any color but are usually green. When the calyx is present, it encloses the other parts of the flower in bud.

Glabrous - Smooth; hairless.

Decumbent - Lying on the ground but having an ascending tip.

Laciniate - Fringed or having edges irregularly and finely slashed.

Thorn - A sharp-pointed structure formed by a modified branch.

EMP - Eastern Mountains and Piedmont - NWPL Region

Tepals - Collective term for sepals and petals when sepals are petal-like, as in Cooperia pedunculata (rain lily).

Denticulate - Finely toothed.

Bristly - Having stiff, rigid, rather thick hairs on the surface of stems or leaves.

Lanceolate - Having the shape of a spear-head or lance.

Hastate - A triangle with two sides abruptly concave; in the form of two pointed lobes pointing outwards.

Stellate - Star shaped, said of certain branched hairs.

Serrate - Toothed like a saw.

Stolon - A horizontal above ground stem.