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Glossary of commonly used botanical terms and their definitions. Use the search bar below to look up a botanical term.

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15 Random Botanical Terms

Stipules - Leaflike structures that grow where the leaf is attached to the stem.

Areole - A spot in the form of a pit or a raised area on the surface of a cactus through which spines or other structures grow.

Herbaceous - Herblike; not woody.

Reniform - Kidney-shaped.

Cuneate - Leaf shape narrowly triangular, wider at the apex and tapering toward the base.

Scorpioid - Curled, like the tail of a scorpion.

Sessile - Lacking a stalk of any kind: a flower without a pedicel or a leaf without a petiole.

Compound - A leaf divided into two or more leaflets.

Supports Conservation Biological Control - A plant that attracts predatory or parasitoid insects that prey upon pest insects.

Legume - Any of a large group of plants in the pea family (Fabaceae).

Attenuate - A tapering leaf base with concave margins that form an angle less than 45 degrees.

Pendulous - Suspended, hanging.

Leaflet - A division or part of a compound leaf.

Incomplete flower - A flower lacking one or more of the following: stamens, pistils, petals, sepals.

Androecium - Collective term for the stamens of one flower.