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Glossary of commonly used botanical terms and their definitions. Use the search bar below to look up a botanical term.

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15 Random Botanical Terms

Entire - Said of margins without teeth or lobes.

Prostrate - Lying flat on the ground.

Sagittate - Shaped like an arrowhead.

Tree - A woody perennial plant having a single main stem or trunk which generally grows more than 20 feet tall.

Raceme - An inflorescence in which each flower is attached to the main stalk by a short stem (pedicel). The youngest flowers, at the tip, may continue to develop while those below are forming fruit.

Lobed leaf - A leaf with indentations not more than halfway to the midrib, with the tips of the segments rounded.

Corm - A short, fleshy underground stem, broader than high, producing stems from the base and leaves and flower stems from the top.

Pod - A dry fruit that splits after ripening, a term applied to fruits in the Legume Family.

Inflorescence - A group of flowers and associated plant parts.

Oblong - Much longer than broad with sides nearly parallel.

Runcinate - Leaf having incised margins with the lobes or teeth curved toward the base.

Peltate - Leaf shape that is round or rounded with the petiole attachment on the abaxial leaf surface and not on a leaf edge.

Areole - A spot in the form of a pit or a raised area on the surface of a cactus through which spines or other structures grow.

Stigma - The tip of the pistil, which receives the pollen; may be rounded, lobed, or branched

Capsule - A dry fruit that splits open along three or more lines.