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Cliffe, Harry

Harry T. Cliffe of San Antonio documented plant species in Bexar County by spearheading development of the Bexar Regional Herbarium that bears his name (also available on this site), then turned to photographing them. This collection of images focuses on the blossoms of native plants of Texas. The majority of the photographs were taken in south and central Texas. The Native Plant Society of Texas’ San Antonio Chapter provided support to scan the Cliffe collection. Mr. Cliffe is a longtime member of that organization.

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scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery
Abutilon abutiloidesShrubby Indian mallow
Abronia ameliaeAmelia's Sand-verbena
Heart's Delight
Abronia angustifoliaPurple sand verbena
Narrow-leaf sand-verbena
Abutilon parvulumDwarf Indian mallow
Abutilon wrightii Wright's Indian mallow
Acleisanthes acutifoliaNeedletip trumpets
Acacia angustissima var. hirtaPrairie acacia
Acacia angustissima var. texensisTexas prairie acacia
Texas fern acacia
Prairie wattle
Acacia farnesianaHuisache
Texas huisache
Sweet acacia
Perfume acacia
Mealy acacia
Mealy wattle
Acacia greggiiGregg acacia
Gregg's acacia
Gregg catclaw acacia
Gregg's catclaw acacia
Gregg catclaw
Gregg's catclaw
Texas catclaw acacia
Texas catclaw
Long-flowered catclaw acacia
Longflower catclaw acacia
Long-flowered catclaw
Longflower catclaw
Catclaw acacia
Devil's claw
Uña de gato
scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery

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829 Results:   10 25  50  100 per page

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