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Luci and Ian Family Garden Luci and Ian Family Garden

The Luci and Ian Family Garden at the Wildflower Center is a regional jewel and a national model.

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Ellen Clarke Temple Play Lawn Ellen Clarke Temple Play Lawn

Run a race, fly a kite, play in the grass or just relax and listen to the wind here in the Giant Play Lawn. This space is a place to make yourself at home.

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Ann and Roy Butler Metamorphosis Maze Ann and Roy Butler Metamorphosis Maze

Twists, turns, dead ends and surprise. Hidden within are clues to life’s amazing journey. Step right in and find your way!

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Jeff Wilson Memorial Watering Holes Jeff Wilson Memorial Watering Holes

Experiment with water! Collect water from the hand pump and watch as it flows slowly or quickly through the holes in these limestone boulders.

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Dinosaur Creek Dinosaur Creek

Follow the tracks! Dinosaur tracks lead to the creek, where you can investigate the wondrous qualities of water. Water is both an essential part of daily life and an exciting source of experimentation.

PLEASE NOTE: Use your hands and feet to splash in Dinosaur Creek, but please don't walk or swim inside the creek. The creek uses natural, non-potable, non-chlorinated water and will develop into a habitat for fish, frogs, turtles and aquatic invertebrates. Please be sensitive!

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Hill Country Grotto Hill Country Grotto

Come on in and cool off! Enjoy "reading" the stories of Texas-inspired pictographs adorning the cave walls. Can you imagine how you might use pictures to tell your own stories?

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Hopscotch Way Hopscotch Way

Numbers in nature are all around. Discover commonly found number combinations along the stepping stones as you count and play in a hopscotch way

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Diana Poteat Hobby Dry Creek Overlook Diana Poteat Hobby Dry Creek Overlook

Get up into the trees! Stroll along the elevated walkway to find a new perspective on trees. You can use your eyes, ears and nose to find leaves and bark of different colors, shapes, sizes, textures, and even smells! Trees aren't just beautiful though - they provide shade, shelter, and food for a variety of woodland creatures.

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Mays Family Nature's Spiral Mays Family Nature's Spiral

Spirals abound in nature! From sunflowers and shells to goats' horns and weather patterns, spirals can be found throughout nature. Seek out more beautiful spirals in these colorful mosaics and native plants. Keep looking closely and you may discover other natural patterns as well.

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Alice C. Tyler Stumpery Alice C. Tyler Stumpery

Sculptural and interactive! These tree stumps invite you to crawl, climb, hide, hang and jump!

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Bette and Nash Castro Giant Birds' Nests Bette and Nash Castro Giant Birds' Nests

Let your imagination take flight! These giant-sized nests are made from vines and branches found in the surrounding Hill Country. Use your eagle eyes to look for real birds' nests here and at home.

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Wildlife Blind Wildlife Blind

Shhh…there are birds and animals about! Relax in the tranquility of these sheltering native plants that attract a diversity of animals while you listen and look for a variety of wildlife.

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Robb Family Pavilion Robb Family Pavilion

The Robb Family Pavilion provides a place to sit a spell in the shade beneath a cooling fan, have a picnic with your family or learn from one of our expert educators. Designed in a barn-like style, the Pavilion features solar on the roof and a rainwater harvesting system.

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