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$1,000,000+   $1,000-$4,999
Luci Baines Johnson and Ian Turpin  

Patti and Mike Abkowitz
Janet and Wilson Allen
Carole and Ken Bailey
Joseph E. Batson
Margarine G. Geistweidt Beaman
Ariane Beck and Eric Sebasta
Teah and Tom Brannam
Mickey Burleson
Jennifer Carloye
Theresa and Daniel Carroll
Arlene Spivey Carter
Glenda and James Cartwright
Chris and William Caudill
The Chandler Foundation, Inc.
Mary Beth and Harvey Cody
Luanne Kelly Cullen
Hester J. Currens
Dr. Griffin Davis
Andrea DeLong-Amaya and David Mahler
Mandy DeMayo and Grant Alvis
Tara and Stacy Eastland
James, Trisha, Lane, & Caitlin Elizondo
Tyrrell Flawn and John Howe
Mary Forbes and Gary Terrell
Sherrie and Dr. Robert Frachtman
Sharon Chapman Graham
Tara and Jesse Greendyk
Elizabeth and Gary Gunter
Mary Hickok
Minnie and Burnes Hollyman
Jeffrey Howell
Christine and Kevin Howell
Dede and Brad Hull
Kim and Bob Hutchings
Darlene Irons
Melanie and Charlie Jones
In memory of Barbara R. Kettler
Mike King and Joann McLaughlin
Stephen and Gwen Kinney
Martin and Heather Kohout
The Kraskin Family
The Kyba Family
Doris and Huie Lamb
Lily Landress
LBJ Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Dana G. Leavitt
Marybeth Weston Lobdell
Sally and Dennis Loner
Kathleen Mayo and John Kellam Mayo
Nita Louise and Jack Mayo
James and Claudia McDonald
Mary McKeown-Moak and Lynn Moak
Mary Evelyn and Timothy S McNamara
Lanelle Montgomery
Diana and Ryan Myers
Genevieve Brennan Nauman
Diana Neely
Sarah and Ross Perot, Jr. Foundation
Sandra and Jack Peters
Ellen Peterson
Josephine Birkinesh Pitts
Camille and Richard Raycraft
Patrick L. and Charmaine Richardson
Betty and E.A. Ripperger
Alexandra and Paul Saenz
Christopher Sanders and Hannah Temple
Nancy W. Scanlan
Patrice and J.B. Schexnayder
Marika and Jonathan Schoolar
Lesley and Joe Schriever
Pete & Lyn Selig
Alane and Doyle Simons
Elizabeth C. B. and Paul G. Sittenfeld
Winnie and Maynard Spitz
Fritz and Anna Steiner
Lisa Stokdyk
Byron Tapley
Geri and Bud Tease
Ten Eyck Landscape Architects
Steve and Barbara Stansfield Terry
Rosario and Michael Tomme
Ann and David Treadwell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Tucker, Jr.
Suzanne Turner Associates LLC
Deacon and Piper Turner
Damon and Sara Waitt
Phyllis E. Webster and Edward J. Lawless, Jr.
Sibyl and Kenneth Wells
Bonnie B. Whiteis, Andrea W. Adams and Nora L Eddings
Laura Williams and Sara Minton


Brown Foundation, Inc. of Houston
Jeanie and Thomas Carter
The Lynda and Chuck Robb Family


Ann Butler
The Hobby Family Foundation
Carolyn and Jack Long
Mays Family Foundation
T.L.L. Temple Foundation


Suzanne Deal Booth and David G. Booth
The Tom and Edwina Johnson Family Foundation
The Pine Foundation
RGK Foundation
Still Water Foundation
Alice C. Tyler Perpetual Trust


Susan Conway and Jack Howell
Shelby Cullom Davis Charitable Fund
Nancy and Daniel Garrison
Jordan Family Foundation
Josie Knight
The Maline and Dudley McCalla Family
MFI Foundation
Ann Moore
Arnold & Marie Schwartz Fund for Ed. & Health Res.
Brian and Debra Jones Shivers
South Texas Money Management and Jeanie and Bill Wyatt
Greg and Jessica Weaver
Family and Friends of Jeff Wilson
Winkler Family Foundation


Karen Affeld and Michael McKniff
Melanie Barnes
Carolyn and Andrew Buerger families
Steven W. Carothers, Ph.D.
James Cousar and Donna Squyres
Carolyn and Tom Curtis
Flieller, Kruger, Skelton & Plyler, PLLC
Regan and William Gammon
Beth and Wayne Gibbens
Betsy and Alan Glen
Cathey and Harry Graham
Marcy and Sam Greer
Inman Foundation
Wendy and Mavis Kelsey, Jr.
Family and Friends of Charlotte London
Austin Community Foundation - Georgia B. Lucas Foundation Fund
Diana T. MacArthur
Thomas C. Mays, III and Orlando Zayas
Magdalena S. McMordie
Deborah Meyer
Jean and James Murff
Kacy and Scott O'Hare
Nancy Perot and Rod Jones
Jim and Deen Day Sanders
Karen and Roy Schwitters
Lauren and Philip Siegel
Mrs. Marshall Steves
The Henry Stollenwerck Family
Wilmer and Douglas Thomas
Beth Owen Wade
Mary and Roger Wallace
James B. Whitehead
Sandy and Dudley Youman



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