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About Family Garden

The new Luci and Ian Family Garden is one of the country’s premier children’s gardens, and is unique in its use of Texas native plants and landscapes to engage children, parents, and the entire family with the outdoors.

Kids of all ages are encouraged to explore the garden and to “nature play”– to peel back the bark from trees in the Stumpery and see what lies therein, to see how water flows around different Hill Country rocks, to explore mathematical patterns found in Nature, to observe wildlife in the wildlife blind, and to play, play and play some more.
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The Space

The Family Garden occupies 4.5 acres of woodland and meadow and is an ideal space for children to engage in hands-on, creative play. Named after lead donors Luci Baines Johnson, daughter of President Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson, and her husband Ian Turpin, the Family Garden aims to connect children and families to the natural world by providing more than a dozen interactive and educational features made of natural materials such as a mosaic–inlaid limestone wall that illustrates the spiral shapes found in nature. Other features include a maze made of native shrubs, giant tree stumps for kids to climb on, giant bird nests made from native grape vines, a grotto with caves and a waterfall, a lawn designed with native turf, a creek with dinosaur footprints and water activities, and much more.
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Design and Development

Designed by landscape architect and artist W. Gary Smith and Austin-based architecture firm TBG Partners, the Family Garden is a model for eco-friendly landscaping as a pilot project of the national Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES) program. The Wildflower Center developed SITES in collaboration with the U.S. Botanic Garden and the American Society of Landscape Architects. It the most comprehensive national system for rating the design, construction and maintenance of sustainable landscapes.
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The Luci and Ian Family Garden is named after lead donors Luci Baines Johnson, daughter of President Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson, and her husband Ian Turpin. It was made possible by more than 200 additional generous donors, including Lynda Johnson Robb, also daughter of President Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson, whose family funded the Robb Family Pavilion. Taken together, these donors contributed more than $5 million to fund the garden.
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