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Species of hackberry best for wildlife from Georgetown, TX
February 21, 2014
Which species of Hackberry tree is the best for wildlife in Georgetown, TX (just north of Austin)? Your Plant Database says Celtis occidentals is "among the BEST food and shelter plants for wildlife,...
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Native annuals for pollinators in King County, Washington
February 06, 2014
I live in King County, Washington State, and I have a plot in a community garden. Rather than plant food, I'd like to attract pollinators. I need to use native annuals rather than perennials as the c...
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Need plants beneficial or attractive to bees in Dripping Springs, TX
January 27, 2014
Can you provide a specific list of plants beneficial or attractive to honey bees in the Texas Hill Country (we raise bees in Dripping Springs, TX.) Thanks.
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Wildlife and bird friendly hedgerow for Chicago suburb
November 30, 2013
Want to plant a wildlife/bird friendly hedgerow in suburban Chicago. Looking for a recommended mix of understory trees as well a shrubs and grasses. Site is part shade with average to wet soil and tr...
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A Bounty of Edibles for New Braunfels Texas
October 25, 2013
I was hoping you could suggest a few plants that would serve several purposes. I live in New Braunfels, TX and would like to incorporate as many drought tolerant plants which would support birds, but...
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Plants for pollinators in Brown County, Texas
July 23, 2013
I am attempting to plant on our family property a wide range of native plants for the central Texas area (May, TX). The flowers, bushes and trees that rely on pollinators, in particular bees, in order...
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Neighborhood association wanting wildflowers mowed from Grand Prairie TX
July 14, 2013
For at least 15 years, I have been fostering growth of wildflowers in 60% of my 90x400' yard which include 150' utility trunkline easement in which I can plant no trees. This year, we had volunteer ...
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Wildflowers for bees in Missouri
July 13, 2013
Mr. Smarty Plants, I just became a beekeeper and would like to plant wildflowers that are best for bees. The area to plant is partially shaded with clay soil. Do you have any suggestions?
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A list of bloom times for wildflowers in Michigan
July 03, 2013
Hello, I am new to bee keeping and live in central Michigan. Can you tell me or do you know where I could find a list of the Michigan wild flower bloom times? This would be very helpful to me. Than...
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Replacement for Globe Thistle in Virginia
June 15, 2013
Hi, We are trying to get our garden to be 100% North American Native and are at about 90% native to our region. One of the last plants we have to replace is our Globe Thistle. Do you have a good r...
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