Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Ecosystem Design Group

About Ecosystem Design Group

THE ECOSYSTEM DESIGN GROUP brings scientific research, education and application to the design and planning of healthy landscapes and ecosystems.

Ecosystem design is a multidimensional approach to landscapes in both rural and urban settings, which optimizes the environmental performance while minimizing resource use and maintenance costs using ecological and biological sciences.

We combine the following into holistic, functional ecosystems:

  • The physical elements of animals, plants, soil and water
  • The underlying ecological mechanics and relationships of the ecosystem
  • Landscape performance goals
  • Human-landscape interaction

Our team works with architects, landscape architects, engineers and multi-disciplinary design teams to optimize the ecological, environmental and sociological function of landscapes. Our experience in scientific research, environmental design, and professional and university education positions our group at the forefront of urban environmental issues and provides the foundation for our fee-based consulting and outreach services.

The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center's mission is to conserve, restore and create healthy landscapes. As an organized research unit of The University of Texas at Austin, we have contributed to the advancement of scientific knowledge of green roofs, sustainable turfgrass, low impact development and stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs), native ecosystem restoration, invasive species management, roadside revegetation and urban-wildland interface fire ecology. We also bring extensive and diverse experience from our work on high-impact projects for public and private clients, including national and regional parks, corporate headquarters, urban developments, institutional campuses, river and prairie restoration, state highways and botanic gardens. Our experienced team includes staff trained in landscape architecture, ecology, geography, planning and sustainable design.

This approach encourages a healthy interaction between humans and the environment—it blurs the boundary between the built and natural environments to optimize both ecological function and benefits to society.

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