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The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center is a proud partner and founding member of the Texas Native Plant Conservation Alliance (TXNPCA), an umbrella organization of agencies, organizations and individuals that promotes the protection of all native plants in Texas.

Members of the Alliance are committed to ensuring that native plant populations and their communities are maintained, protected and restored. They strive to educate the public on the important relationships between flora, fauna and health of the ecosystem and to collect and share important information on plant conservation. They also collaborate to develop and implement action plans to identify and address conservation issues and to identify, then taken action against threats that endanger plants.

Mission Statement: To protect Texas native plants by ensuring that plant populations and their communities are maintained, enhanced, and restored.

Vision Statement: The native plants and ecosystems of Texas help define its natural and cultural heritage and contribute to the state's great scenic beauty. The vast diversity of native flora and fauna supported by native Texas ecosystems represent uncounted known, and yet to be discovered, ecological, cultural, spiritual, and economic values. The agencies, organizations, and individuals that comprise the Texas Native Plant Conservation Alliance share a commitment toward  responsible and sustainable native plant and habitat conservation.

Goals and Objectives

TXNPCA aims to act as an "umbrella" organization to promote and support synergy among the participating members by facilitating communication, education, and conservation activities.


  • Improve communication within and between conservation organizations, agencies, academics, and the public.
  • Expand TXNPCA to include all stakeholders including private landowners and grassroots organizations.
  • Identify strengths and weakness of participants and coordinate actions and funding opportunities to maximize efforts.

Education Activities

  • Provide outreach and education on native plant issues to landowners, agencies, and businesses.
  • Develop and collate the most up-to-date and accurate information and develop an information clearing house.
  • Coordinate with other organizations such as the Texas Invasive Plants and Pest Council to provide education about invasive species and methods for their control and/or elimination.
  • Educate the public on important correlations between flora and the biodiversity of native fauna and the health of the ecosystem.

Conservation Activities

  • Strive to place plants on the same level as animals.
  • Develop Action Plans to identify and address issues.
  • Identify plant species that require conservation actions, including recovery.
    • Utilize and implement existing plans
    • Identify threats and develop plans to alleviate threats
    • Help direct focus toward ecosystems, landscapes and habitats
  • Implement and facilitate conservation efforts on the ground
  • Provide direction and guidelines for best management practices and restoration of lands and conservation and recovery of rare plant species.
    • Examples: Mitigation plans both for companies and landowners involved in recovery and restoration; invasive plant control methods
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