Hill Country Horticulture

Images and information on more than 430 species native to central Texas. Native plants provide an essential role in the environment including economic benefits from reduced energy costs, water and maintenance; ecological benefits including enhancing ecosystem stability and reducing chemical use; not to mention the beauty they provide.

Scientific Name Common Name Duration Habit Sun Water
Abutilon incanum Pelotazo, Indian mallow, Shrubby Indian mallow Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Acalypha radians Cardinal's feather, Cardinal feather Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Acer grandidentatum Bigtooth maple, Big-toothed maple, Uvalde bigtooth maple, Southwestern bigtooth maple, Canyon maple, Sabinal maple, Western sugar maple Perennial Shrub, Tree Sun Moist
Acer negundo Box elder, Box elder maple, Ash-leaved maple, Ashleaf maple, Red River maple, Fresno de guajuco Perennial Tree Sun Moist
Achillea millefolium Common yarrow, Western yarrow, Yarrow, Milfoil Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Achnatherum hymenoides Indian ricegrass, Indian Millet, Sandgrass Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun Dry
Aesculus pavia Scarlet Buckeye, Red buckeye, Firecracker plant Perennial Shrub, Tree Part-shade Moist
Agalinis edwardsiana Plateau false foxglove, Plateau agalinis, Plateau gerardia, Plateau false-foxglove Annual Herb Part-shade
Agalinis heterophylla Prairie false foxglove, Prairie agalinis, Prairie false-foxglove Annual Herb Part-shade Moist, Dry
Agave univittata Maguey mezortillo, Thorncrest century plant Perennial Herb, Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Ageratina havanensis Shrubby boneset, White mistflower, White shrub mistflower, Havana snakeroot, Mistflower Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Allium canadense Meadow garlic, Wild garlic, Wild onion Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun Moist
Allowissadula holosericea Chisos Mountain false Indianmallow, Chisos Mtn. False Indian-mallow, Velvet-leaf Mallow Perennial Shrub Part-shade Moist
Aloysia gratissima Whitebrush, Bee-brush, White-brush, Common bee-brush, Beebrush, Privet lippia Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Moist
Aloysia macrostachya Rio Grande beebrush, Woolly Bee-brush Perennial Shrub Sun Moist
Ambrosia artemisiifolia Annual ragweed, Short ragweed Annual Herb Sun, Shade, Part-shade Dry
Amorpha fruticosa Indigo bush, False indigo bush, False indigo, Desert false indigo Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Moist
Amorpha roemeriana Roemer's false indigo Perennial Shrub Part-shade Moist, Dry
Amyris madrensis Mountain torchwood, Shrub Amyris Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Andropogon gerardii Big bluestem, Turkeyfoot Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun, Part-shade Moist
Andropogon glomeratus Bushy bluestem, Brushy bluestem Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun Wet, Moist
Anemone berlandieri Ten-petal thimbleweed, Ten-petaled anemone, Windflower, Southern anemone, Granny's nightcap Perennial Herb Part-shade
Anemone edwardsiana Edwards Plateau thimbleweed, Two-flowered Anemone Perennial Herb Shade
Anisacanthus quadrifidus var. wrightii Flame acanthus, Hummingbird bush, Wright's desert honeysuckle, Wright acanthus, Mexican flame, Wright's Mexican flame Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Aphanostephus riddellii Lazy Daisy, Riddell's dozedaisy Perennial Herb Sun Moist
Aquilegia canadensis Eastern red columbine, Wild red columbine Perennial Herb Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Arabis petiolaris Brazos rockcress, Rock-cress, Brazos rock-cress Annual Herb Sun
Arbutus xalapensis Texas madrone, Madrone, Texas arbutus, Naked indian, Lady's leg, Madroño, Manzanita Perennial Tree Sun, Part-shade Dry
Arenaria benthamii Hilly sandwort Annual Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist
Argemone albiflora Bluestem pricklypoppy, White pricklypoppy Annual Herb Part-shade Dry
Argyrochosma dealbata False Cloak Fern, Powdery Cloak Fern, Powdery false cloak fern Perennial Herb, Fern Shade Moist
Arisaema dracontium Green dragon, Dragonroot, Greendragon Perennial Herb Sun, Shade Moist
Aristida oligantha Prairie threeawn, Oldfield (Prairie) 3-awn, Oldfield threeawn Annual Grass/Grass-like Sun Dry
Aristida purpurea Purple threeawn, Purple 3-awn, Purple three-awn, Red threeawn Annual Grass/Grass-like Sun Dry
Arnoglossum plantagineum Groovestem Indian plantain, Indian plantain, Prairie plantain, Prairie Indian plantain Perennial Herb Sun Moist
Asclepias asperula Antelope horns, Spider milkweed, Green-flowered milkweed, Spider antelope-horns Perennial Herb Sun Moist, Dry
Asclepias incarnata Swamp milkweed, Pink Milkweed Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Wet, Moist
Asclepias oenotheroides Zizotes milkweed, Hierba de Zizotes, Longhorn milkweed, Side-cluster milkweed, Primrose milkweed, Lindheimer's milkweed Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Asclepias tuberosa Butterflyweed, Butterfly milkweed, Orange milkweed, Pleurisy root, Chigger flower Perennial Herb Sun Moist, Dry
Asclepias viridis Green antelopehorn, Green milkweed Perennial Herb Sun Moist
Baccharis neglecta False Willow, Jara dulce, Poverty Weed, Roosevelt Weed Perennial Shrub Part-shade Dry
Bacopa monnieri Herb-of-grace, Water hyssop, Coastal Water-hyssop Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Wet, Moist
Bauhinia lunarioides Anacacho orchid tree, Anacacho bauhinia, Orchid tree, Texas plume Perennial Tree Part-shade Dry
Berlandiera betonicifolia Texas greeneyes, Broochflower Perennial Herb Part-shade Moist
Berlandiera lyrata Chocolate daisy, Chocolate flower, Lyreleaf greeneyes, Green-eyed lyre leaf Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist
Bidens laevis Smooth beggartick, Smooth bidens, Smooth bur marigold, Larger bur marigold Annual Herb Sun, Part-shade Wet, Moist
Bignonia capreolata Crossvine Perennial Vine Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Bothriochloa laguroides ssp. torreyana Silver Beard Grass, Silver beardgrass, Silver Bluestem Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun Moist, Dry
Bouchetia erecta Erect Bouchetia, Painted-tongue, Paintedtongue, Painted Tongue Perennial Herb Sun Moist
Bouteloua curtipendula Sideoats grama Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Bouteloua dactyloides Buffalograss, Buffalo grass Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun Dry
Bouteloua gracilis Blue grama Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun Dry
Bouteloua hirsuta Hairy grama Perennial Grass/Grass-like Part-shade Dry
Bouteloua rigidiseta Texas grama Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun Dry
Bouteloua trifida Red grama Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun
Buddleja marrubiifolia Woolly butterflybush, Butterfly bush, Woolly Butterfly-bush Perennial Shrub Part-shade Dry
Calliandra eriophylla Pink fairyduster, Fairyduster, Mesquitilla, Mock mesquite Perennial Subshrub Sun Dry
Callicarpa americana American beautyberry, French mulberry Perennial Shrub Part-shade Moist
Callirhoe involucrata Winecup, Purple poppy mallow Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Callirhoe involucrata var. lineariloba Poppy mallow, Purple poppymallow, White poppy mallow, White winecup, Winecup Perennial Herb Sun Moist, Dry
Callirhoe leiocarpa Tall poppymallow, Annual winecup, Tall poppy-mallow Annual Herb Part-shade Moist
Callirhoe pedata Palmleaf Poppymallow, Standing Winecup, Finger Poppymallow Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Calylophus berlandieri ssp. pinifolius Berlandier's sundrops, Square-bud primrose, Sundrops, Square-bud day-primrose Perennial Shrub Part-shade Dry
Calylophus hartwegii Hartweg's sundrops, Western Primrose Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Campsis radicans Trumpet creeper, Trumpet vine, Common trumpet creeper, Cow vine, Foxglove vine, Hellvine, Devil's shoestring Perennial Vine Sun Moist, Dry
Canna glauca Water Canna, Louisiana Canna, Maraca amarilla Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Wet, Moist
Capsicum annuum Chile pequin, Chile petin, Bird pepper, Turkey pepper , Cayenne pepper Annual, Perennial Herb Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist
Carex blanda Eastern woodland sedge, Creek sedge, Common wood sedge Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Carex cherokeensis Cherokee sedge Perennial Grass/Grass-like Part-shade Wet, Moist
Carex texensis Texas sedge Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Castilleja purpurea Prairie paintbrush, Downy Indian paintbrush, Purple paintbrush, Lemon paintbrush, Purple painted cup Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Ceanothus herbaceus Prairie redroot, Smaller redroot, Small redroot, Inland Ceanothus, Fuzzy Ceanothus, Jersey tea, Redroot Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Celtis laevigata Sugar hackberry, Hackberry, Sugarberry, Texas sugarberry, Southern hackberry, Lowland hackberry, Palo blanco Perennial Tree Part-shade Dry
Celtis laevigata var. reticulata Netleaf hackberry, Netleaf sugar hackberry, Western hackberry, Sugar Hackberry, Texas Sugarberry, Palo Blanco, Acibuche Perennial Tree Part-shade
Centaurea americana American basket-flower, American star-thistle, Basket-Flower, Star thistle, Shaving brush Annual Herb Part-shade Dry
Centaurium beyrichii Mountain pink, Meadow pink, Catchfly, Quinineweed Annual Herb Part-shade Dry
Centaurium texense Lady Bird's centaury Annual Herb Sun, Part-shade
Cephalanthus occidentalis Common buttonbush, Buttonbush, Button willow Perennial Shrub Shade, Part-shade Wet, Moist
Cercis canadensis var. mexicana Mexican redbud Perennial Tree Sun, Part-shade Dry
Chaerophyllum tainturieri var. tainturieri Hairyfruit chervil, Hairy-fruit chervil, Wild chervil, Chervil Annual Herb Part-shade
Chamaecrista fasciculata var. fasciculata Partridge pea, Showy Partridge-pea, Beeflower Annual Herb Sun
Chamaesaracha coniodes False Nightshade, Gray five eyes, Ground Saracha, Prostrate Ground-cherry Perennial Herb Part-shade
Chaptalia nutans Heal and draw, Silverpuff, Lechuguilla Perennial Herb Shade
Chasmanthium latifolium Inland sea oats, Indian wood oats, Wild oats, River oats, Flathead oats, Upland Oats, Upland Sea Oats Perennial Grass/Grass-like Shade, Part-shade Moist
Chilopsis linearis Desert willow, Flowering willow, Willow-leaved catalpa, Willowleaf catalpa, Bow willow, Flor de mimbre, Mimbre Perennial Tree Sun Moist, Dry
Chloris verticillata Tumble windmill grass, Windmillgrass Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun, Part-shade
Chrysactinia mexicana Damianita Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Cissus trifoliata Grape ivy, Possum grape, Cow-itch vine, Sorrelvine, Arizona grape ivy Perennial Vine Part-shade
Citharexylum berlandieri Berlandier's fiddlewood, Berlandier fiddlewood, Fiddlewood Perennial Shrub Part-shade Dry
Cladium mariscus ssp. jamaicense Jamaica swamp sawgrass, Jamaican Saw-grass, Saw-grass Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun, Part-shade Wet, Moist
Clematis drummondii Old-man's-beard, Drummond's Clematis, Texas Virgin's Bower, Goat's-Beard Perennial Vine Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Clematis pitcheri Purple clematis, Purple leatherflower, Leatherflower, Bluebill Perennial Vine Sun, Part-shade Moist
Clematis texensis Scarlet clematis, Scarlet leatherflower, Texas clematis Perennial Vine Part-shade Moist
Cocculus carolinus Carolina snailseed, Carolina coralbead, Carolina moonseed, Red berried moonseed, Carolina red berried moonseed Perennial Vine Part-shade Moist
Colubrina texensis Hog-plum, Texan hogplum, Texas colubrina, Texas snakewood Perennial Shrub Part-shade Dry
Commelina erecta Whitemouth dayflower, Widow's tears, Day flower, White-mouth dayflower Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Condalia hookeri Bluewood condalia, Brasil, Brasilwood, Bluewood, Logwood, Purple haw, Capul negro Perennial Shrub, Tree Part-shade Dry
Conoclinium coelestinum Blue mistflower, Wild ageratum, Blue boneset, Mistflower Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist
Conoclinium greggii Gregg's mistflower, Palmleaf thoroughwort, Palm-leaf mistflower, Palm-leaf thoroughwort, Purple palmleaf mistflower, Purple palmleaf eupatorium Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Convolvulus equitans Bindweed, Texas bindweed Annual Vine Part-shade Dry
Cooperia drummondii Evening rain lily, Evening star rain lily Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Cooperia jonesii Jones' rainlily Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Cooperia pedunculata Prairie lily, Rain lily, Hill Country rain lily Perennial Herb Sun Moist
Coreopsis lanceolata Lanceleaf coreopsis, Lanceleaf tickseed, Lance-leaved coreopsis, Sand coreopsis Perennial Herb Sun, Shade, Part-shade Dry
Coreopsis tinctoria Plains coreopsis, Golden tickseed, Goldenwave, Coreopsis, Calliopsis Annual Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist
Cornus drummondii Roughleaf dogwood, Drummond's dogwood, Rough-leaf dogwood Perennial Tree Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Corydalis curvisiliqua Curvepod, Curvepod fumewort, Golden Smoke, Scrambled Eggs Annual Herb Part-shade Dry
Coryphantha sulcata Nipple Cactus, Pineapple cactus Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Cotinus obovatus American smoke tree, Texas smoke tree, Wild smoke tree, Smoke tree, Smokebush, Chittamwood Perennial Tree Sun, Part-shade Dry
Crataegus greggiana Gregg's hawthorn, Gregg hawthorn Perennial Shrub Part-shade
Crataegus tracyi Tracy's hawthorn, Tracy Hawthorn, Mountain Hawthorn Perennial Tree Part-shade Dry
Crataegus viridis Green hawthorn, Southern hawthorn Perennial Tree Part-shade Wet
Croton capitatus var. lindheimeri Woolly Croton, Lindheimer's hogwort Annual Shrub Sun
Croton fruticulosus Bush croton, Encinilla, Hierba Loca Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Croton monanthogynus Prairie tea, One-seed Croton Annual Herb Sun Moist, Dry
Cryptotaenia canadensis Canadian honewort, Wild Chervil Perennial Herb Part-shade Moist
Cylindropuntia leptocaulis Tasajillo, Christmas cactus, Pencil cactus, Christmas cholla, Desert Christmas cactus Perennial Shrub, Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Cynanchum barbigerum Bearded swallow-wort, Cynanchum, Thicket Threadvine Perennial Vine Sun
Cyperus articulatus Jointed flatsedge, Chintul Perennial Grass/Grass-like Part-shade
Cyperus ochraceus Pond flatsedge, Yellow Sedge Perennial Grass/Grass-like Part-shade
Cyperus odoratus Fragrant flatsedge, Fragrant Sedge Annual Grass/Grass-like Sun
Cyperus pseudovegetus Marsh flatsedge, Marsh Flat Sedge Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun
Dalea aurea Golden dalea, Golden prairie clover Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Dalea bicolor var. argyrea Silver prairie clover, Silver dalea, Silver bush dalea Perennial Shrub Sun
Dalea candida White prairie clover Perennial Subshrub Sun Dry
Dalea frutescens Black dalea, Black prairie clover Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Dalea greggii Gregg dalea, Gregg's prairie clover, Trailing indigo bush, Indigo bush Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Dalea multiflora Roundhead prairie clover, White prairie clover, Round headed dalea, Round headed clover Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Dalea purpurea var. purpurea Purple prairie clover, Violet prairie clover Perennial Herb Sun Moist
Dasylirion texanum Texas sotol, Sotol Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun Dry
Dasylirion wheeleri Common sotol, Sotol, Desert Spoon, Desert candle Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Datura wrightii Jimsonweed, Sacred Thorn Apple, Thorn apple, Datura, Angel Trumpet, Sacred datura Annual Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Desmanthus illinoensis Illinois bundleflower, Bundleflower, Prairie bundle flower, Prickleweed, Illinois Desmanthus, Prairie mimosa Perennial Shrub Sun Moist
Dyschoriste linearis Snake herb, Polkadots, Narrowleaf dyschoriste Perennial Herb Sun Wet, Moist
Echinacea angustifolia Black Samson, Black Samson echinacea, Narrow-leaf Coneflower Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Echinacea purpurea Eastern purple coneflower, Purple coneflower Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Echinocactus texensis Horse crippler, Horse crippler cactus, Devil's head, Chisos hedgehog cactus, Chisos hedgehog Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Echinocereus reichenbachii Lace hedgehog cactus, Lace cactus, Lace hedgehog, Purple candle, Órgano-pequeño de colores Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Echinodorus cordifolius Creeping burrhead, Lance-leaf Burhead, Radican Sword "Giant Mother Plant" Annual Herb Shade Wet
Ehretia anacua Anacua, Sugarberry Anacua, Anaqua, Anacahuita, Knockaway, Knackaway, Sandpaper tree, Manzanita, Manzanillo Perennial Tree Sun, Part-shade Dry
Eleocharis rostellata Beaked spikerush, Leap Frog Spike Rush Perennial Grass/Grass-like Part-shade Wet
Engelmannia peristenia Engelmann's daisy, Engelmann Daisy, Cutleaf Daisy Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Ephedra antisyphilitica Mormon tea, Joint-fir, Clapweed, Popote Perennial Shrub Part-shade Dry
Epipactis gigantea Chatterbox Orchid, Giant Hellebore, Stream orchid Perennial Herb Shade, Part-shade Wet, Moist
Equisetum hyemale var. affine Scouringrush horsetail Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Wet
Eragrostis intermedia Plains lovegrass, Plains Lovegrass Perennial Grass/Grass-like Part-shade Dry
Eragrostis spectabilis Purple lovegrass, Purple love grass, Purple plains lovegrass, Tumblegrass, Petticoat climber Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun Moist
Erigeron modestus Plains fleabane, Prairie fleabane Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Eriochloa sericea Texas cupgrass Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun Dry
Erioneuron pilosum Hairy Woollygrass, Hairy Tridens Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun Dry
Erodium texanum Texas stork's bill, Stork's Bill, Pine needle, Fillaree Herb Sun Dry
Eryngium leavenworthii Leavenworth's eryngo, Eryngo, False purple thistle Annual Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist
Erythrina herbacea Coralbean, Cherokee bean, Red cardinal Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Eupatorium serotinum Lateflowering thoroughwort, White boneset, Late boneset, Late-flowering boneset Perennial Herb Part-shade Moist
Euphorbia cyathophora Wild Poinsettia, Poinsettia, Fire on the Mountain Annual Herb Sun Moist
Euphorbia marginata Snow on the mountain, Snow-on-the-mountain Annual Herb Part-shade Moist
Eustoma exaltatum ssp. exaltatum Catchfly prairie gentian, Bluebell gentian, Western blue gentian, Blue marsh lily, Small bluebell Annual Herb Sun Moist
Eustoma exaltatum ssp. russellianum Texas bluebells, Texas bluebell, Bluebell, Showy prairie gentian, Prairie gentian Annual, Biennial, Perennial Herb Sun Moist
Evax prolifera Bighead pygmycudweed, Rabbit Tobacco Annual Herb Part-shade
Evolvulus sericeus Silver dwarf morning-glory, White Evolvulus Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Eysenhardtia texana Texas kidneywood, Kidneywood, Bee-Brush, Vara dulce Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Frangula caroliniana Carolina buckthorn, Carolina false buckthorn, Yellow buckthorn, Indian cherry, Yellowwood Perennial Tree Part-shade Moist
Fraxinus albicans Texas Ash, Mountain ash Perennial Tree Part-shade Dry
Fraxinus pennsylvanica Green ash, Red ash, Swamp ash, River ash, Water ash, Darlington ash Perennial Tree Sun, Shade, Part-shade Wet, Moist, Dry
Gaillardia pulchella Firewheel, Indian Blanket Annual Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Gaillardia suavis Perfumeballs, Pincushion daisy, Fragrant gaillardia, Rayless gaillardia Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Galphimia angustifolia Narrow-leaf Goldshower, Narrowleaf goldshower, Thryallis Perennial Shrub Part-shade Moist, Dry
Garrya ovata ssp. lindheimeri Lindheimer's silktassel, Lindheimer silktassel, Lindheimer's Garrya, Lindheimer Garrya, Mexican silktassel, Mexican Garrya, Eggleaf silktassel, Eggleaf Garrya Perennial Shrub Part-shade Moist, Dry
Gaura calcicola Texas beeblossom, Limestone Gaura Perennial Subshrub Part-shade
Gaura lindheimeri Lindheimer's beeblossom, White gaura, Butterfly gaura Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist
Geum canadense White avens Perennial Herb Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Giliastrum rigidulum Bluebowls, Blue gilia Annual Subshrub Sun
Glandularia bipinnatifida Purple prairie verbena, Prairie verbena, Dakota vervain, Dakota mock vervain, Moradilla Perennial Herb, Subshrub Part-shade Moist, Dry
Hedeoma drummondii Drummond's false pennyroyal, Limoncillo, Mock Pennyroyal Annual Herb Part-shade Dry
Hesperaloe parviflora Red yucca, Coral yucca, Red-flowered false yucca, Redflower false yucca, Yellow yucca, Hummingbird yucca, Samandoque Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Hibiscus laevis Halberdleaf rosemallow, Halberdleaf hibiscus, Scarlet rose mallow, Halberd-leaved hibiscus, Halberd-leaved rose-mallow Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Moist
Hibiscus lasiocarpos Woolly rose-mallow, Woolly mallow, Rose-mallow, False cotton Perennial Shrub Sun Wet
Hibiscus martianus Heartleaf rosemallow, Tulipan del Monte, Heartleaf Hibiscus Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Hydrocotyle umbellata Manyflower marshpennywort, Water-pennywort,  Money-plant Perennial Herb Sun, Shade, Part-shade Wet, Moist
Hydrocotyle verticillata var. verticillata Pennywort, Water-Pennywort, Whorled marshpennywort,  Money-plant Perennial Herb Sun
Hydrolea ovata Blue waterleaf, Ovate false fiddleleaf, Hairy hydrolea Perennial Herb Part-shade Wet
Hymenocallis liriosme Spring spider lily, Spider lily Perennial Herb Part-shade Moist
Ibervillea lindheimeri Balsam Gourd, Lindheimer's Globeberry, Globe Berry, Snake-apple, Balsam-apple Perennial Vine Sun Moist
Ilex decidua Possumhaw, Possumhaw holly, Deciduous holly, Meadow holly, Prairie holly, Swamp holly, Welk holly, Deciduous yaupon, Bearberry, Winterberry Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Moist
Ilex vomitoria Yaupon, Yaupon Holly, Cassina Perennial Shrub, Tree Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Indigofera miniata Scarlet Pea, Coastal indigo, Texas Indigo, Western indigo Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Ipomoea cordatotriloba var. cordatotriloba Tievine, Sharp-pod Morning Glory, Purple Bindweed, Tie Vine Perennial Vine Part-shade
Ipomoea lindheimeri Lindheimer's morning-glory, Blue Morning Glory Perennial Vine Sun Dry
Ipomopsis rubra Standing cypress, Texas plume, Red Texas star, Red gilia Biennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Iris brevicaulis Zigzag iris Perennial Herb Sun, Shade, Part-shade Wet, Moist
Iris virginica Virginia iris, Great Blue Flag, Southern blueflag Perennial Herb Sun Wet
Iris virginica var. shrevei Shreve's iris, Virginia iris, Southern blue flag, Blue flag Perennial Herb Sun Wet
Jatropha dioica Leatherstem, Leather Stem, Rubber Plant Perennial Subshrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Juncus effusus var. solutus Lamp rush, Soft Rush Perennial Herb Part-shade Wet
Justicia americana American water-willow, Water-willow Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Wet, Moist
Justicia pilosella Gregg's tubetongue, Hairy Tube-tongue, False Honeysuckle Perennial Herb Part-shade Moist, Dry
Kosteletzkya virginica Virginia saltmarsh mallow, Virginia fen-rose, Saltmarsh mallow, Seashore mallow Perennial Subshrub Sun Moist
Krameria lanceolata Trailing krameria, Ratany, Crameria, Prairie sandbur, Trailing Ratany Perennial Herb Part-shade
Lantana urticoides Texas lantana, Calico bush Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Lespedeza texana Texas lespedeza, Texas Bush-Clover Perennial Herb Sun
Leucaena retusa Goldenball leadtree, Littleleaf leadtree, Little leucaena, Lemonball, Wahoo tree Perennial Tree Part-shade Dry
Leucophyllum frutescens Cenizo, Purple sage, Texas ranger, Texas barometer bush, Texas silverleaf, Texas sage, Silverleaf Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Lindera benzoin Northern spicebush, Spicebush, Wild allspice Perennial Shrub Sun, Shade, Part-shade Wet, Moist, Dry
Lindheimera texana Texas Yellowstar, Texas Star, Texas Yellow-star, Lindheimer daisy Annual Herb Sun Dry
Lonicera sempervirens Coral honeysuckle, Trumpet honeysuckle, Woodbine Perennial Vine Sun, Part-shade Moist
Ludwigia octovalvis Mexican primrose-willow, Narrow-leaf Water Primrose, Seedbox, Mexican Primrose Willow Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Moist
Ludwigia peploides Creeping water-primrose, Floating primrose-willow, Water-primrose Perennial Herb Sun
Lupinus texensis Texas bluebonnet, Bluebonnet, Texas lupine, Buffalo clover, Wolf-flower Annual Herb Sun Dry
Lycium carolinianum var. quadrifidum Carolina wolfberry, Creeping wolfberry, Carolina desert-thorn Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Moist
Lygodesmia texana Texas Skeleton Plant, Texas Skeleton Weed, Skeleton-plant, Purple Dandelion, Flowering Straw Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Lythrum californicum California Loosestrife Perennial Herb Sun Moist
Machaeranthera tanacetifolia Tahoka Daisy, Tansyaster, Tanseyleaf Tansyaster Annual Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Mahonia swaseyi Texas barberry, Texas Oregon-grape Perennial Shrub Sun
Mahonia trifoliolata Agarita, Agarito, Algerita, Laredo mahonia, Laredo Oregon-grape, Trifoliate barberry, Wild currant Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Malpighia glabra Acerola, Barbados Cherry, Manzanita, Wild crapemyrtle Perennial Shrub Part-shade Dry
Malus ioensis var. texana Texas crabapple, Blanco Crabapple Perennial Tree Sun Moist
Malvastrum aurantiacum Wright's false mallow Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Malvaviscus arboreus var. drummondii Turk's cap or Turkscap, Drummond's turkscap, Wax mallow, Drummond wax-mallow, Red mallow, Texas mallow, Mexican apple, Manzanilla, Sleeping hibiscus, Bleeding hearts Perennial Shrub Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Manfreda maculosa False Aloe, Spice lily, Spice-Lily Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Marshallia caespitosa Barbara's-buttons, Puffballs, White Barbara's-buttons Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Marsilea macropoda Bigfoot water clover, Water clover, Clover-fern, Largefoot pepperwort Perennial Herb, Fern Sun, Shade, Part-shade Wet
Marsilea vestita Hairy water clover, Water clover Perennial Herb, Fern Part-shade Wet
Matelea biflora Purple Milkweed Vine, Star milkvine Perennial Vine Sun, Part-shade Dry
Matelea reticulata Green milkweed vine, Net vein milkvine, Netted milkvine, Pearl milkweed Vine Perennial Vine Part-shade Dry
Maurandella antirrhiniflora Snapdragon Vine, Roving sailor, Climbing snapdragon, Little snapdragon vine Perennial Vine Part-shade Dry
Melampodium leucanthum Blackfoot Daisy, Rock daisy, Plains blackfoot, Arnica Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Menodora heterophylla Low menodora, Redbud Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Merremia dissecta Alamo Vine, Noyau vine, Correhuela de las Doce Perennial Vine Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Mimosa borealis Fragrant mimosa, Pink Mimosa Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Mimosa dysocarpa Velvetpod mimosa, Velvet-pod mimosa, Gatuno Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Mimosa roemeriana Roemer's mimosa, Sensitive Briar Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Mirabilis nyctaginea Heartleaf four o'clock Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Monarda citriodora Lemon beebalm, Purple horsemint, Lemon mint, Plains horsemint, Lemon horsemint, Horsemint, Purple lemon mint Annual Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Monarda fistulosa Wild bergamot, Beebalm Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Monarda punctata Spotted beebalm, Spotted horsemint, Horsemint Annual Herb Sun Dry
Morella cerifera Wax myrtle, Southern wax myrtle, Southern bayberry, Bayberry, Candleberry, Tallow shrub Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Wet, Moist
Muhlenbergia capillaris Gulf muhly, Hair-awn muhly, Hairy-awn muhly, Hair grass, Pink muhly Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun Moist
Muhlenbergia dubia Pine muhly Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun Dry
Muhlenbergia lindheimeri Lindheimer's muhly, Lindheimer muhly, Big muhly, Blue muhly Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun Moist, Dry
Muhlenbergia reverchonii Seep muhly Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun Moist, Dry
Nassella tenuissima Mexican Feathergrass, Mexican Wiregrass, Finestem needlegrass, Ponytail grass, Texas tussock Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Nekemias arborea Peppervine Perennial Shrub, Vine Sun, Part-shade Moist
Nelumbo lutea American lotus, Yellow water lotus, Yellow lotus Perennial Herb Sun Wet
Nemastylis geminiflora Prairie celestials, Celestials, Prairie pleatleaf Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Nemophila phacelioides Texas baby blue eyes, Large-flower baby-blue-eyes, Baby blue-eyes, Flannel breeches Annual Herb Part-shade Dry
Nolina bigelovii Bigelow's nolina Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun
Nolina texana Texas sacahuista, Texas beargrass, Basket grass, Sacahuista, Bunchgrass Perennial Grass/Grass-like Part-shade Dry
Nothoscordum bivalve Crow poison, Crowpoison, False garlic Perennial Herb Sun
Nuphar lutea Yellow pond lily, Yellow cow lily, Cow lily, Spatter dock, Wakas Perennial Herb Part-shade Wet
Nyctaginia capitata Devil's bouquet, Scarlet muskflower Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Nymphaea odorata American white water lily, Fragrant white water lily, Fragrant water lily, White water lily, Sweet-scented white water lily, Sweet-scented water lily Perennial Herb Sun, Shade, Part-shade Wet
Oenothera jamesii River Primrose, Trumpet Evening Primrose, Trumpet evening-primrose Biennial Herb Sun Wet
Oenothera laciniata Cutleaf evening-primrose, Cut-leaved evening primrose Annual Herb Part-shade
Oenothera macrocarpa ssp. incana Bigfruit evening-primrose, Silver leaf primrose  Perennial Herb Sun Moist
Oenothera rhombipetala Diamond petal primrose, Four-Point Evening Primrose, Fourpoint evening-primrose, Greater four-point evening-primrose Annual Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Oenothera speciosa Pink evening primrose, Showy evening primrose, Mexican evening primrose, Showy primrose, Pink ladies, Buttercups, Pink buttercups Perennial Herb Sun Moist, Dry
Oenothera triloba Stemless evening-primrose, Stemless Evening Primrose Annual Herb Sun
Onosmodium bejariense var. bejariense Soft-hair marbleseed, False Gromwell Perennial Herb Sun
Onosmodium helleri Heller's marbleseed, Marble-seed Perennial Herb Part-shade
Opuntia engelmannii var. lindheimeri Texas prickly pear, Lindheimer's prickly pear, Lindheimer prickly pear Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun, Part-shade Dry
Opuntia macrocentra Purple Prickly Pear, Purple pricklypear Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Opuntia macrorhiza Common prickly-pear, Plains prickly pear, Prickly Pear, Twist-spine prickly-pear, Twistspine pricklypear Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Orbexilum pedunculatum Sampson's snakeroot Perennial Herb Part-shade
Oxalis drummondii Drummond's wood-sorrel, Large-leaf wood-sorrel Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Oxalis stricta Common yellow oxalis, Yellow Wood-sorrel Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Packera obovata Golden groundsel, Roundleaf groundsel, Roundleaf ragwort, Squawweed Perennial Herb Shade, Part-shade Moist
Panicum virgatum Switchgrass, Wand panic grass Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Parkinsonia aculeata Retama, Paloverde, Mexican paloverde, Jerusalem thorn, Horsebean, Lluvia de Oro Perennial Tree Sun Moist, Dry
Paronychia virginica Whitlow-wort, Broom Nailwort, Yellow Nailwort, Park's Nailwort Perennial Herb, Subshrub Sun Dry
Parthenocissus heptaphylla Sevenleaf creeper, Seven-leaf Creeper Perennial Vine Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist
Passiflora affinis Bracted passionflower, Passion flower Perennial Vine Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Passiflora foetida Corona de Cristo, Scarlet-fruit passion flower, Fetid passionflower Annual Vine Sun, Part-shade Dry
Passiflora incarnata Purple passionflower, Purple passion vine, Maypop, Apricot vine Perennial Vine Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Passiflora lutea Yellow passion vine, Yellow passion-flower, Yellow passionflower Perennial Herb Part-shade Moist
Passiflora tenuiloba Bird Wing Passionflower, Birdwing passionflower, Slender-lobe Passionflower, Spread Lobe Passionflower Perennial Vine Part-shade Dry
Pavonia lasiopetala Rock rose, Rose pavonia, Rose mallow, Pavonia Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Pellaea ovata Ovateleaf cliffbrake, Ovate-leaf Cliffbrake Perennial Herb, Fern Sun
Penstemon baccharifolius Rock penstemon, Rock beardtongue, Cut-leaf penstemon, Cut-leaf beardtongue, Baccharis-leaf penstemon, Baccharis-leaf beardtongue Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Penstemon cobaea Prairie penstemon, Prairie beardtongue, Foxglove penstemon, Foxglove beardtongue, False foxglove, Large-flowered penstemon, Large-flowered beardtongue, Cobaea penstemon, Cobaea beardtongue, Wild foxglove Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Penstemon laxiflorus Nodding penstemon, Nodding beardtongue, Loose-flowered penstemon, Loose-flowered beardtongue Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Penstemon tenuis Brazos Penstemon, Brazos Beardtongue, Gulf Penstemon, Gulf Beardtongue, Gulf Coast Penstemon, Gulf Coast Beardtongue, Sharp-sepal Penstemon, Sharp-sepal Beardtongue Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist
Penstemon triflorus Hill Country penstemon, Hill Country beardtongue, Scarlet penstemon, Scarlet beardtongue, Heller's penstemon, Heller's beardtongue Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Phacelia congesta Blue curls, Caterpillars, Fiddleneck Annual, Biennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Phacelia patuliflora Blue Phacelia, Sand phacelia, Sand Scorpion-weed Annual Herb Part-shade Dry
Phemeranthus aurantiacus Orange Flameflower, Flameflower, Fameflower, Talinum Perennial Subshrub Part-shade Dry
Phemeranthus parviflorus Sunbright, Dwarf Flameflower, Prairie Flameflower Perennial Herb Sun
Philadelphus ernestii Canyon mock orange, Canyon Mock-Orange, Mock-orange Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Philadelphus texensis Texas mock orange Perennial Shrub Part-shade Dry
Phlox drummondii Annual phlox, Phlox, Drummond phlox Annual Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Phlox pilosa Downy phlox, Prairie phlox, Fragrant phlox Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Phlox roemeriana Goldeneye phlox, Golden-eye Phlox Annual Herb Part-shade Dry
Phyla nodiflora Texas frogfruit, Turkey tangle fogfruit, Frogfruit Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Physostegia intermedia Intermediate false dragonhead, Marsh obedient-plant, Obedient-plant, Slender false dragonhead, Spring obedient plant Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist
Physostegia virginiana Fall obedient plant, Obedient plant, False dragonhead, Virginia lions-heart Perennial Herb Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist
Phytolacca americana American pokeweed, Great pokeweed, Pokeweed, Pokeberry, Red ink plant, Pigeonberry Perennial Herb Part-shade Moist
Pistacia mexicana Mexican pistachio, Texas pistachio, American pistachio, Copal pistachio, Wild pistachio, Lentisco Perennial Tree Sun Dry
Platanus occidentalis American sycamore, Eastern sycamore, American plane tree, Plane tree, Buttonwood, Buttonball tree Perennial Tree Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist
Pluchea odorata var. odorata Sweetscent, Marsh Fleabane, Southern Marsh Fleabane Perennial Herb Sun Moist
Plumbago scandens Doctorbush, Summer snow plumbago, Mexican plumbago Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Polanisia dodecandra ssp. trachysperma Clammy-Weed, Clammyweed, Sandyseed clammyweed Annual Herb Sun
Polygala alba White milkwort Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Pontederia cordata Pickerelweed, Pickerel rush Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Wet, Moist
Populus deltoides Eastern cottonwood, Alamo, Carolina poplar, Necklace Poplar Perennial Tree Sun, Shade, Part-shade Wet, Moist, Dry
Potamogeton nodosus Knotty Pondweed, Longleaf pondweed Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Wet
Proboscidea louisianica Louisiana Devil's-claw, Devil's-claw, Ram's horn, Unicorn plant, Proboscis flower Annual Herb Sun Dry
Prunella vulgaris ssp. lanceolata Lance selfheal, Self-heal Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade
Prunus mexicana Mexican plum, Bigtree plum, Inch plum Perennial Tree Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Prunus minutiflora Texas almond, Texas wild almond, Dwarf Plum Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Prunus rivularis Creek plum, Hog plum, River plum Perennial Shrub Part-shade Moist, Dry
Prunus serotina Black cherry, Wild black cherry, Rum cherry Perennial Tree Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Prunus serotina var. eximia Escarpment black cherry, Edwards Plateau black cherry, Escarpment cherry Perennial Tree Sun, Part-shade Moist
Prunus texana Peachbush, Sand Plum, Peach bush, Texas plum, Texas peach bush Perennial Shrub Part-shade
Ptelea trifoliata Wafer ash, Common hoptree, Hop tree Perennial Tree Sun, Shade, Part-shade Wet, Moist, Dry
Pyrrhopappus pauciflorus Smallflower desert-chicory, Texas dandelion, False dandelion Annual Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Quercus fusiformis Escarpment live oak, Plateau live oak, Hill country live oak, Texas live oak, Scrub live oak, Plateau oak Perennial Tree Sun, Part-shade Dry
Quercus laceyi Lacey oak, Texas blue oak, Canyon oak, Smoky oak, Rock oak Perennial Tree Part-shade Dry
Quercus macrocarpa Bur oak, Burr oak, Savannah oak, Overcup oak, Prairie oak, Mossy-cup oak, Mossy-overcup oak, Blue oak Perennial Tree Sun, Shade, Part-shade Wet, Moist, Dry
Quercus stellata Post oak, Iron oak, Cross oak Perennial Tree Part-shade Dry
Quercus texana Nuttall Oak, Texas oak Perennial Tree Part-shade
Quercus vaseyana Vasey oak, Sandpaper oak, Scrub oak, Shin oak Perennial Tree Part-shade Dry
Ranunculus macranthus Large buttercup Perennial Herb Sun Moist
Ratibida columnifera Mexican hat, Red-spike Mexican hat, Upright prairie coneflower, Prairie coneflower, Long-headed coneflower, Thimbleflower Perennial Herb Sun Moist, Dry
Rhus aromatica Fragrant sumac, Aromatic sumac, Lemon sumac, Polecat bush Perennial Shrub Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Rhus lanceolata Prairie flameleaf sumac, Flame-leaf sumac, Prairie sumac, Lance-leaf sumac, Lance-leaved sumac, Texas sumac, Tree sumac, Limestone sumac, Prairie shining sumac Perennial Tree Sun Dry
Rhus virens Evergreen sumac, Tobacco sumac Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Rhynchospora colorata Starrush whitetop, Star sedge, White-topped sedge, Whitetop sedge, Star rush Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun, Part-shade Wet
Rivina humilis Pigeonberry, Rouge plant, Baby peppers Perennial Herb Part-shade Moist
Rosa setigera Climbing prairie rose, Climbing rose, Prairie Rose Perennial Shrub Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Rubus trivialis Dewberry, Southern dewberry Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Rudbeckia hirta Black-eyed Susan, Common black-eyed Susan, Brown-eyed Susan Annual Herb Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Rudbeckia maxima Giant coneflower, Great coneflower, Giant Brown-eyed Susan Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist
Ruellia drummondiana Drummond's ruellia, Drummond's wild petunia Perennial Herb Shade, Part-shade Dry
Ruellia humilis Fringeleaf wild petunia, Hairy ruellia, Low wild Petunia, Low ruellia Perennial Herb Part-shade Moist
Ruellia metziae White Ruellia, Metz's wild petunia, Metz Wild Petunia, Wild White Petunia Perennial Herb Sun Moist
Ruellia nudiflora Violet ruellia, Common wild petunia, Violet wild petunia, Wild petunia Perennial Herb Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Ruellia occidentalis Western wild petunia Perennial Herb Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Sabal mexicana Texas palm, Texas palmetto, Mexican palm, Mexican palmetto, Rio Grande palmetto, Victoria palmetto, Palma de micharos Perennial Tree Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Sabal minor Dwarf palmetto, Palmetto, Bush palmetto Perennial Shrub Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Sabatia campestris Texas star, Rose gentian, Meadow pink, Prairie rose-gentian, Prairie sabatia Annual Herb Part-shade Dry
Sagittaria lancifolia ssp. media Bulltongue arrowhead, Scythe-fruit Arrowhead Perennial Herb Part-shade Wet
Sagittaria longiloba Longbarb arrowhead, Flecha de Agua, Long-lobe Arrowhead, Long-barb Arrowhead Perennial Herb Part-shade
Salvia azurea var. grandiflora Pitcher sage, Blue sage Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Salvia ballotiflora Shrubby blue sage, Blue Shrub Sage, Mejorana Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Salvia coccinea Scarlet Sage, Tropical Sage, Blood sage, Red Sage, Indian Fire Annual, Perennial Herb Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Salvia engelmannii Engelmann's sage, Engelmann's salvia Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Salvia farinacea Mealy blue sage, Mealy sage, Mealycup sage Perennial Herb Sun Moist
Salvia greggii Autumn sage, Cherry sage, Gregg salvia Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Salvia lyrata Lyreleaf sage, Cancer weed Perennial Herb Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Salvia penstemonoides Big red sage, Penstemon sage Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist
Salvia regla Mountain sage, Royal sage Perennial Shrub Shade, Part-shade Dry
Salvia roemeriana Cedar sage Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Salvia texana Texas sage, Blue sage Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Sambucus nigra ssp. canadensis Common elderberry, Black elder, Mexican elderberry, Common elder, Elderberry, Tapiro, Sauco Perennial Shrub Part-shade Wet
Samolus ebracteatus ssp. cuneatus Limerock Brookweed, Limewater brookweed Perennial Herb Part-shade
Samolus valerandi ssp. parviflorus Seaside brookweed, Water Pimpernel, Thin-leaf Brookweed Perennial Herb Part-shade
Sapindus saponaria var. drummondii Western soapberry, Soapberry, Wild china tree, Wild chinaberry, Indian soap plant, Jaboncillo Perennial Tree Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Saururus cernuus Lizard's tail, Lizard tail, Breastweed, Water dragon Perennial Herb Shade, Part-shade Wet, Moist
Schizachyrium scoparium Little bluestem Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun, Part-shade Dry
Schoenocaulon texanum Green Lily, Texas feathershank, Texas Sabadilla Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Schoenoplectus californicus California bulrush, California club-rush, Giant Bulrush Perennial Herb Sun
Scutellaria drummondii Drummond's skullcap Annual Herb Sun Dry
Scutellaria ovata Heartleaf skullcap, Heart-leaf Skullcap Perennial Herb Shade, Part-shade Moist
Scutellaria resinosa Resin-dot skullcap, Resinous skullcap, Shrubby skullcap, Sticky skullcap Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Scutellaria wrightii Wright's skullcap, Bushy skullcap, Shrubby skullcap Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Senna lindheimeriana Lindheimer's senna, Velvet leaf senna, Velvetleaf senna, Velvet-leaf wild sensitive-plant, Puppy-dog ears Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Senna roemeriana Twoleaf senna, Two leaved senna Perennial Shrub Part-shade Dry
Silphium albiflorum White rosinweed, White-flowered rosinweed, Compass Plant Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Simsia calva Awnless bush sunflower, Bush sunflower Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Sisyrinchium minus Dwarf blue-eyed grass, Pink-Eyed Grass Annual Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Solanum elaeagnifolium Silverleaf nightshade, Silver-leaf nightshade, White horse nettle, Trompillo, Tomato weed Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Solanum rostratum Buffalobur nightshade, Buffalo bur Annual Herb Sun
Solidago nemoralis Gray goldenrod, Prairie goldenrod, Old field goldenrod, Grayleaf goldenrod, Gray-leaved goldenrod, Dyersweed goldenrod, Dwarf goldenrod Perennial Herb Sun, Shade, Part-shade Dry
Sophora secundiflora Texas mountain laurel, Mountain laurel, Mescal bean, Mescal bean sophora, Frijolillo, Frijolito Perennial Shrub, Tree Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Sorghastrum nutans Indiangrass, Yellow indian grass Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Stachys coccinea Scarlet betony, Scarlet hedge-nettle, Texas betony Perennial Herb Part-shade Moist
Stemodia lanata Woolly Stemodia, Gray-woolly twintip Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Stillingia texana Texas Queen's Delight, Queen's Delight, Texas toothleaf Perennial Herb Part-shade
Styphnolobium affine Eve's necklace, Eve's necklacepod, Texas sophora, Pink sophora, Necklace tree Perennial Tree Part-shade Dry
Symphoricarpos orbiculatus Coralberry, Indian currant, Buckbrush Perennial Shrub Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Symphyotrichum ericoides var. ericoides White heath aster, Heath Aster, White Aster, White Prairie Aster Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Symphyotrichum oblongifolium Aromatic aster, Aromatic American aster, Fall aster, Wild blue aster, Shale aster Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Taxodium distichum Bald cypress, Baldcypress, Common bald cypress, Southern bald cypress, Deciduous cypress, Southern cypress, Swamp cypress, Red cypress, White cypress, Yellow cypress, Gulf cypress, Tidewater red cypress Perennial Tree Sun, Part-shade Moist
Taxodium mucronatum Montezuma bald cypress, Montezuma cypress, Mexican cypress, Ahuehuete, Sabino Perennial Tree Part-shade Wet
Tecoma stans Yellow bells, Yellowbells, Esperanza, Yellow trumpetbush, Yellow trumpetflower, Trumpetbush, Trumpetflower, Yellow elder Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Tephrosia lindheimeri Lindheimer's hoarypea, Hoary Pea, Lindheimer tephrosia Perennial Subshrub Part-shade Dry
Tetraneuris scaposa Four-nerve daisy, Hymenoxys, Stemmy four-nerve daisy, Yellow daisy, Bitterweed Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Teucrium canadense Canada germander, American germander, Canadian germander, Germander, Hairy germander, Wood sage Perennial Herb Part-shade Moist
Thalia dealbata Powdery alligator-flag, Powdery thalia, Water canna Perennial Herb Part-shade Wet
Thamnosma texana Texas desert-rue, Dutchman's breeches, Rue of the mountains, Ruda del monte Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Thelesperma filifolium var. filifolium Stiff greenthread, Showy Navajo tea, Greenthread Annual Herb Sun Dry
Thelesperma simplicifolium Slender greenthread, Navajo Tea, Cota Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Thelypteris kunthii Wood fern, River fern, Southern shield fern, Kunth's maiden fern, Normal shield fern Perennial Fern Shade, Part-shade Moist
Thymophylla pentachaeta var. pentachaeta Dogweed, Dyssodia, Fiveneedle pricklyleaf Perennial Subshrub Sun
Tinantia anomala False dayflower, Widows tears Annual Herb Part-shade Moist
Toxicodendron radicans Eastern poison ivy, Poison ivy, Poison oak Perennial Shrub, Vine Shade, Part-shade Moist
Tradescantia edwardsiana Plateau spiderwort, Edward's spiderwort Perennial Herb Part-shade
Tradescantia occidentalis Prairie spiderwort, Western Spiderwort, Spiderwort Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Tradescantia subacaulis Stemless spiderwort Perennial Herb Part-shade Moist
Tridens albescens White tridens, White Top Perennial Grass/Grass-like Part-shade Moist
Tridens flavus Purpletop tridens, Redtop tridens, Tall redtop tridens, Purpletop, Redtop, Tall redtop Perennial Grass/Grass-like Part-shade Dry
Triodanis perfoliata Clasping Venus's looking-glass Annual Herb Shade Dry
Tripsacum dactyloides Eastern gamagrass, Fakahatchee grass Perennial Grass/Grass-like Part-shade Moist
Typha latifolia Broadleaf cattail, Common cat-tail, Broad-leaf cat-tail Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun, Part-shade Wet
Ulmus alata Winged elm, Wahoo elm, Cork elm, Witch elm Perennial Tree Part-shade Dry
Ulmus crassifolia Cedar elm, Fall elm, Basket elm, Scrub elm, Lime elm, Texas elm, Southern rock elm, Olmo Perennial Tree Part-shade Moist
Ungnadia speciosa Mexican buckeye Perennial Tree Sun, Part-shade Dry
Vallisneria americana American eelgrass, Water celery, Eelgrass, Tapegrass Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Wet
Verbena halei Texas vervain, Slender verbena, Texas verbena, Slender vervain Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Verbena xutha Gulf vervain Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Verbesina encelioides Cowpen Daisy, Golden crownbeard, Butter daisy Annual Herb Sun Dry
Verbesina virginica Frostweed, White crownbeard, Iceplant, Iceweed, Virginia crownbeard, Indian tobacco, Richweed, Squawweed Biennial Herb Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Vernonia baldwinii Baldwin's ironweed, Western Ironweed, Ironweed Perennial Herb Sun Moist
Vernonia lindheimeri Woolly ironweed Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Viburnum rufidulum Rusty blackhaw viburnum, Rusty blackhaw, Southern blackhaw, Blackhaw, Bluehaw, Downy viburnum, Southern nannyberry, Rusty nannyberry, Nannyberry Perennial Tree Part-shade Dry
Viguiera dentata Sunflower goldeneye, Plateau goldeneye, Toothleaf goldeneye, Goldeneye, Chimalacate Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Viguiera stenoloba Resinbush, Skeleton-leaf Goldeneye Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Viola sororia Missouri violet, Common blue violet, Hooded blue violet, Florida violet, Meadow violet Annual Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist
Vitis cinerea var. helleri Winter grape, Heller's grape, Gray-leaf grape, Smooth-leaf grape, Sweet grape, Spanish grape Perennial Vine Part-shade Moist
Vitis monticola Sweet mountain grape, Champin Grape Perennial Vine Sun
Vitis mustangensis Mustang grape Perennial Vine Part-shade Dry
Warnockia scutellarioides Prairie brazoria, Prairie brazosmint Annual Herb Part-shade Moist
Wisteria frutescens American wisteria, Texas wisteria, Kentucky wisteria Perennial Vine Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist
Yeatesia platystegia Montell bractspike, Wild Shrimp Plant Perennial Herb Part-shade Moist
Yucca constricta Buckley yucca, Buckley's yucca Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Yucca rupicola Twistleaf yucca, Twisted-leaf yucca, Texas yucca Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun, Part-shade Dry
Yucca ×schottii Schott's yucca, Hoary Yucca, Mountain Yucca Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Yucca treculeana Spanish Dagger, Spanish Bayonet, Don Quixote's Lance, Palma Pita, Palma de Datil, Palmito Perennial Cactus/Succulent Part-shade Dry
Zigadenus nuttallii Nuttall's Death Camas, Death Camas, Poison-onion Perennial Herb Part-shade