Hummingbird Plants for Central Texas

A list of central Texas native plants that will attract hummingbirds to your garden. Reprinted with permission from Attracting Hummingbirds to Your Garden by Noreen Damude, Copyright Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, 1999. This publication is available at the Texas State Library: TXDOC No. P400.5 H883 1999.

Visit Texas Parks and Wildlife Texas Hummingbird Roundup to learn more about Texas hummingbirds.

Scientific Name Common Name Duration Habit Sun Water
Aesculus pavia Scarlet Buckeye, Red buckeye, Firecracker plant Perennial Shrub, Tree Part-shade Moist
Amorpha canescens Leadplant, Leadplant amorpha, Prairie shoestring Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Amorpha fruticosa Indigo bush, False indigo bush, False indigo, Desert false indigo Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Moist
Anisacanthus quadrifidus var. wrightii Flame acanthus, Hummingbird bush, Wright's desert honeysuckle, Wright acanthus, Mexican flame, Wright's Mexican flame Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Bignonia capreolata Crossvine Perennial Vine Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Campsis radicans Trumpet creeper, Trumpet vine, Common trumpet creeper, Cow vine, Foxglove vine, Hellvine, Devil's shoestring Perennial Vine Sun Moist, Dry
Castilleja indivisa Entireleaf indian paintbrush, Texas paintbrush, Indian paintbrush, Scarlet paintbrush, Entire-leaf indian-paintbrush Annual Herb Sun Dry
Erythrina herbacea Coralbean, Cherokee bean, Red cardinal Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Hesperaloe parviflora Red yucca, Coral yucca, Red-flowered false yucca, Redflower false yucca, Yellow yucca, Hummingbird yucca, Samandoque Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Hibiscus coccineus Scarlet rosemallow, Crimson rosemallow, Wild red mallow, Texas star hibiscus Perennial Herb Sun Wet
Hibiscus martianus Heartleaf rosemallow, Tulipan del Monte, Heartleaf Hibiscus Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Ipomopsis rubra Standing cypress, Texas plume, Red Texas star, Red gilia Biennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Lantana urticoides Texas lantana, Calico bush Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Leucophyllum frutescens Cenizo, Purple sage, Texas ranger, Texas barometer bush, Texas silverleaf, Texas sage, Silverleaf Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Lobelia cardinalis Cardinal flower Perennial Herb Sun, Shade, Part-shade Wet, Moist
Lonicera sempervirens Coral honeysuckle, Trumpet honeysuckle, Woodbine Perennial Vine Sun, Part-shade Moist
Malvaviscus arboreus var. drummondii Turk's cap or Turkscap, Drummond's turkscap, Wax mallow, Drummond wax-mallow, Red mallow, Texas mallow, Mexican apple, Manzanilla, Sleeping hibiscus, Bleeding hearts Perennial Shrub Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Maurandella antirrhiniflora Snapdragon Vine, Roving sailor, Climbing snapdragon, Little snapdragon vine Perennial Vine Part-shade Dry
Monarda citriodora Lemon beebalm, Purple horsemint, Lemon mint, Plains horsemint, Lemon horsemint, Horsemint, Purple lemon mint Annual Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Nyctaginia capitata Devil's bouquet, Scarlet muskflower Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Penstemon baccharifolius Rock penstemon, Rock beardtongue, Cut-leaf penstemon, Cut-leaf beardtongue, Baccharis-leaf penstemon, Baccharis-leaf beardtongue Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Penstemon triflorus Hill Country penstemon, Hill Country beardtongue, Scarlet penstemon, Scarlet beardtongue, Heller's penstemon, Heller's beardtongue Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Phlox drummondii Annual phlox, Phlox, Drummond phlox Annual Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Salvia coccinea Scarlet Sage, Tropical Sage, Blood sage, Red Sage, Indian Fire Annual, Perennial Herb Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Salvia greggii Autumn sage, Cherry sage, Gregg salvia Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Salvia penstemonoides Big red sage, Penstemon sage Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist
Salvia regla Mountain sage, Royal sage Perennial Shrub Shade, Part-shade Dry
Salvia roemeriana Cedar sage Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Sesbania drummondii Rattlebush, Rattlebox, Poisonbean Perennial Shrub
Stachys coccinea Scarlet betony, Scarlet hedge-nettle, Texas betony Perennial Herb Part-shade Moist