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Special Value to Native Bees

Recognized by pollination ecologists as attracting large numbers of native bees. This information was provided by the Pollinator Program at The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation.

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scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery
Ceanothus herbaceusRedroot
Prairie redroot
Jersey tea
Inland Ceanothus
Fuzzy Ceanothus
Ceanothus hearstiorumHearst Ranch buckbrush
Ceanothus impressusSanta Barbara ceanothus
Santa Barbara buckbrush
Ceanothus integerrimusDeerbrush
Ceanothus leucodermisChaparral whitethorn
Ceanothus maritimusMaritime ceanothus
Bluff california lilac
Ceanothus megacarpusBig-pod buckbrush
Big-pod ceanothus
Bigpod ceanothus
Cephalanthus occidentalisCommon buttonbush
Button willow
Cercis orbiculataCalifornia redbud
Western redbud
Arizona redbud
Pata de vaca
Ceanothus parvifoliusLittleleaf ceanothus
Ceanothus purpureusHollyleaf ceanothus
Ceanothus sanguineusOregon Teatree
Redstem ceanothus
Wild lilac
Ceanothus spinosusRedheart
Greenbark ceanothus
Red-heart mountain lilac
Ceanothus thyrsiflorusBlueblossom
Blue blossom
Ceanothus tomentosusWoolyleaf ceanothus
Woolly-leaf mountain lilac
Ramona lilac
Ceanothus velutinusSnowbrush
Snowbrush ceanothus
Mountain balm
Chamerion angustifoliumFireweed
Willow herb
Great willow herb
Chamaecrista fasciculataPartridge pea
Sensitive plant
Chamaecrista fasciculata var. fasciculataPartridge pea
Showy Partridge-pea
Chamerion latifoliumBroad-leaf fireweed
Dwarf fireweed
Cirsium arizonicumArizona thistle
Cirsium brevistylumClustered thistle
Indian thistle
Short-style thistle
Cirsium canescensPrairie thistle
Cirsium cymosumPeregrine thistle
Cirsium discolorField thistle
Cirsium drummondiiDwarf thistle
Cirsium eduleEdible thistle
Cirsium engelmanniiEngelmann's thistle
Cirsium flodmaniiFlodman's thistle
Cirsium foliosumElk thistle
Cirsium horridulumYellow thistle
Cirsium mohavenseMojave thistle
Cirsium muticumSwamp thistle
Cirsium neomexicanumNew Mexico thistle
Utah thistle
Cirsium occidentaleCobwebby thistle
Cirsium ochrocentrumYellowspine thistle
Cirsium occidentale var. candidissimumSnowy thistle
Cirsium occidentale var. occidentaleCobwebby thistle
Cirsium peckiiSteen Mountain thistle
Ghost thistle
Cirsium pitcheriSand dune thistle
Cirsium pumilumPasture thistle
Cirsium scariosumMeadow thistle
Cirsium texanumTexas thistle
Cirsium turneriCliff thistle
Cirsium undulatumWavyleaf thistle
Plumed Thistle
Cirsium wheeleriWheeler's thistle
Clethra alnifoliaCoastal sweet pepperbush
Summer sweet
Clarkia amoenaFarewell to spring
Clarkia bilobaTwolobe clarkia
Clarkia concinnaRed ribbons
scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery

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