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Edwards Plateau

The Edwards Plateau area includes 1.45 million acres known as the Granitic Central Basin in Llano and Mason Counties. The Balcones Escarpment forms the distinct boundary of the Edwards Plateau on its eastern and southern borders and outlines what is known as the Texas Hill Country.

The area is a deeply dissected, rapidly drained stony plain having broad, flat to undulating divides. Prior to modern settlement, vegetation was grassland or open savannah-type plains with tree or brushy species found along rocky slopes and stream bottoms.

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scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery
Ilex deciduaPossumhaw
Possumhaw Holly
Deciduous Holly
Deciduous yaupon
Ilex vomitoriaYaupon
Yaupon Holly
Ipomoea leptophyllaBush morning-glory
Ipomopsis rubraStanding cypress
Texas plume
Red Texas star
Red gilia
Juniperus asheiAshe juniper
Ashe's juniper
Mountain cedar
Blueberry juniper
Juglans microcarpaLittle walnut
Texas walnut
Texas black walnut
River walnut
Juglans nigraBlack walnut
Eastern black walnut
Justicia pilosellaGregg's tubetongue
Hairy Tube-tongue
False Honeysuckle
Karwinskia humboldtianaCoyotillo
Humboldt coyotillo
Lesquerella fendleriFendler's bladderpod
Fendler's bladderpod
Leucophyllum frutescensCenizo
Purple sage
Texas ranger
Texas barometer bush
Texas silverleaf
Texas sage
Lepidium montanumMountain peppergrass
Western peppergrass
Mountain pepperweed
Mountain pepperwort
Montana pepperweed
Leucaena retusaGoldenball leadtree
Littleleaf leadtree
Linum berlandieri var. berlandieriBerlandier's yellow flax
Yellow Flax
Stiff-stem flax
Linum hudsonioidesHudson Flax
Texas flax
Yellow Flax
Lithospermum incisumNarrowleaf stoneseed
Fringed puccoon
Narrowleaf gromwell
Fringed gromwell
Narrow-leaved puccoon
Linum lewisii var. lewisiiBlue flax
Prairie flax
Liatris mucronataCusp gayfeather
Blazing star
Narrow-leaf gayfeather
Texas gayfeather
Cusp blazing star
Linum pratenseMeadow flax
Liatris punctataDotted blazing star
Dotted gayfeather
Lindheimera texanaTexas yellowstar
Texas star
Lindheimer daisy
Texas yellow star
Lonicera albifloraWestern white honeysuckle
Texas honeysuckle
White honeysuckle
White shrub honeysuckle
White limestone honeysuckle
Lobelia cardinalisCardinal flower
Lupinus subcarnosusSandyland bluebonnet
Texas bluebonnet
Lupinus texensisTexas bluebonnet
Texas lupine
Buffalo clover
Maurandella antirrhinifloraSnapdragon Vine
Roving sailor
Climbing snapdragon
Little snapdragon vine
Marshallia caespitosaBarbara's-buttons
White Barbara's-buttons
Marsilea vestitaHairy water clover
Water clover
Melampodium leucanthumBlackfoot Daisy
Rock daisy
Plains blackfoot
Menodora longifloraShowy menodora
Melica nitensThree-flower melic
Tall melicgrass
Threeflower melicgrass
Mimosa borealisFragrant mimosa
Pink Mimosa
Monarda citriodoraLemon beebalm
Purple horsemint
Lemon mint
Plains horsemint
Lemon horsemint
Purple lemon mint
Morus microphyllaLittleleaf mulberry
Mountain mulberry
Texas mulberry
Monarda punctataSpotted beebalm
Spotted horsemint
Morus rubraRed mulberry
Muhlenbergia lindheimeriLindheimer's muhly
Lindheimer muhly
Big muhly
Blue muhly
Muhlenbergia reverchoniiSeep muhly
Muhlenbergia torreyiRing muhly
Torrey muhly
Nemastylis geminifloraPrairie celestials
Prairie pleatleaf
Nolina lindheimerianaDevil's shoestring
Ribbon grass
Nolina texanaTexas sacahuista
Texas beargrass
Basket grass
Nuphar luteaYellow pond-lily
Cow lily
Spatter dock
Yellow cow lily
Nuphar lutea ssp. advenaCommon spatterdock
Yellow cow lily
Yellow pond lily
Nuttallanthus texanusTexas Toad-Flax
Texas toadflax
Oenothera macrocarpaBigfruit evening-primrose
Missouri evening-primrose
Big-fruit evening-primrose
Missouri Primrose
Oenothera rhombipetalaDiamond petal primrose
Four-Point Evening Primrose
Fourpoint evening-primrose
Greater four-point evening-primrose
Oenothera speciosaPink evening primrose
Showy evening primrose
Mexican evening primrose
Showy primrose
Pink ladies
Pink buttercups
Onoclea sensibilisSensitive fern
Bead fern
Sympathy fern
Opuntia engelmannii var. engelmanniiCactus apple
Prickly pear
scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery

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