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List of Texas species that were collected as part of the Millennium Seed Bank Project (MSBP). MSBP is a global conservation program to collect and store the seeds of 10% of the world's drylands flora (24,000 species) by 2010. Click here to learn more about MSBP.

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scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery
Chasmanthium latifoliumInland sea oats
Indian wood oats
Wild oats
River oats
Flathead oats
Upland Oats
Upland Sea Oats
Chasmanthium laxumSlender woodoats
Slender Chasmanthium
Chrysopsis marianaMaryland goldenaster
Maryland golden-aster
Chrysactinia mexicanaDamianita
Chaerophyllum tainturieriHairyfruit chervil
Southern chervil
Chloris verticillataTumble windmill grass
Chionanthus virginicusWhite fringetree
Fringe tree
Grancy Graybeard
Citharexylum berlandieriBerlandier's fiddlewood
Berlandier fiddlewood
Cirsium horridulumYellow thistle
Cirsium texanumTexas thistle
Cissus trifoliataGrape ivy
Possum grape
Cow-itch vine
Arizona grape ivy
Clematis drummondiiDrummond's clematis
Old man's beard
Texas virgin's bower
Goat's beard
Cladium mariscus ssp. jamaicenseJamaica swamp sawgrass
Jamaican Saw-grass
Clematis pitcheriPurple clematis
Purple leatherflower
Clematis texensisScarlet clematis
Scarlet leatherflower
Texas clematis
Cordia boissieriMexican olive
Texas wild olive
Cocculus carolinusCarolina snailseed
Carolina coralbead
Carolina moonseed
Red berried moonseed
Carolina red berried moonseed
Conyza canadensisCanadian horseweed
Conoclinium coelestinumBlue mistflower
Wild ageratum
Blue boneset
Corydalis curvisiliqua ssp. curvisiliquaCurvepod fumewort
Coelorachis cylindricaCylinder jointtail grass
Carolina Joint-tail
Commelina dianthifoliaBird-bill dayflower
Birdbill dayflower
Convolvulus equitansBindweed
Texas bindweed
Commelina erectaWhitemouth dayflower
Widow's tears
Day flower
White-mouth dayflower
Condalia hookeri var. hookeriBrazilian bluewood
Cosmos parviflorusSouthwest cosmos
Southwestern cosmos
Cooperia pedunculataHill Country rain lily
Prairie lily
Rain lily
Colubrina texensisHog-plum
Texan hogplum
Texas colubrina
Texas snakewood
Coreopsis wrightiiRock tickseed
Croton alabamensis var. texensisTexabama croton
Texas Alabama croton
Croton monanthogynusPrairie tea
One-seed Croton
Cryptantha oblataRough cryptantha
Croton punctatusGulf croton
Crataegus spathulataLittlehip hawthorn
Pasture haw
Crataegus tracyiMountain Hawthorn
Tracy Hawthorn
Tracy's hawthorn
Crataegus viridisGreen hawthorn
Southern thorn
Cuscuta indecoraBigseed alfalfa dodder
Largeseed dodder
Pretty dodder
Cyperus articulatusJointed flatsedge
Cyperus elegansRoyal flatsedge
Cylindropuntia leptocaulisChristmas cactus
Christmas cholla
Desert Christmas cactus
Pencil cactus
Cyperus pseudovegetusMarsh flatsedge
Marsh Flat Sedge
Cyperus retroflexusOneflower flatsedge
Cyperus reflexusBentawn flatsedge
Dalea emarginataWedgeleaf prairie clover
Daucosma laciniataDaucosma
Meadow parasol
Daucus pusillusAmerican wild carrot
Wild Carrot
Datura quercifoliaChinese thorn-apple
Oak-leaf thorn apple
Oak leaved angel's trumpet
Dasylirion texanumTexas sotol
Desmanthus leptolobusSlenderlobe bundleflower
Desmanthus velutinusVelvet bundleflower
scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery

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