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General Appearance


Light requirement
 Sun - 6 or more hrs
 Part shade - 2 to 6 hrs
 Shade - 2 hrs or less

Soil moisture
 Dry - no signs of moisture
 Moist - looks & feels damp
 Wet - saturated

Bloom Time
 Jan  Feb  Mar
 Apr  May  Jun
 Jul  Aug  Sep
 Oct  Nov  Dec
Bloom Color
 White  Red  Pink
 Orange  Yellow  Green
 Blue  Purple  Violet
 Brown  Black

Height (in feet)
 0-1  1-3  3-6  6-12
 12-36  36-72  72-100
 More than 100

Leaf Arrangement

Leaf Retention


Special Collections

High Plains

The High Plains area is part of the Southern Great Plains. It is separated from the Rolling Plains by the Llano Estacado Escarpment and dissected by the Canadian River Breaks in the northern part. Notable canyons include Tule and Palo Duro along the Caprock. This relatively level plateau contains many shallow siltation depressions, or playa lakes, which sometimes cover as much as 40 acres and contain several feet of water after heavy rains. These depressions support unique patterns of vegetation within their confines.

The upland soils are dark brown to reddish brown, mostly deep, neutral to calcareous clay and clay loams in the north to sandy loams and sands in the south. Caliche is present under many soils at various depths, especially on the Potter series. The original vegetation of the High Plains was variously classified as mixed prairie, shortgrass prairie, and in some locations on deep, sandy soils as tallgrass prairie. Blue grama, buffalograss, and galleta (Hilaria jamesii) are the principal vegetation on the clay and clay loam sites.

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scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery
Abronia ameliaeAmelia's sand verbena
Heart's delight
Amelia's sand-verbena
Sand verbena
Abronia angustifoliaPurple sand verbena
Narrow-leaf sand-verbena
Abronia fragransFragrant verbena
Sand verbena
Snowball sand verbena
Sweet sand-verbena
Abutilon fruticosumIndian mallow
Texas Indian mallow
Acacia angustissimaPrairie acacia
Fern acacia
Prairie wattle
Whiteball acacia
Achnatherum hymenoidesIndian ricegrass
Indian Millet
Achillea millefoliumCommon yarrow
Western yarrow
Allium canadense var. canadenseCanada onion
Meadow garlic
Wild onion
Allium canadense var. mobilenseMeadow garlic
Wild onion
Allium coryiYellow-flowered onion
Yellowflower onion
Allium drummondiiDrummond's onion
Wild Garlic
Drummond wild onion
Ampelopsis cordataHeartleaf peppervine
Heart-leaf ampelopsis
Amorpha fruticosaIndigo bush
False indigo bush
False indigo
Desert false indigo
Amblyolepis setigeraHuisache daisy
Butterfly daisy
Honey daisy
Andropogon gerardiiBig bluestem
Aphanostephus skirrhobasisLazy daisy
Arkansas lazy daisy
Arkansas doze-daisy
Argemone polyanthemosAnnual pricklepoppy
Bluestem pricklepoppy
Bluestem prickly poppy
Crested pricklypoppy
Thistle poppy
White prickly poppy
White pricklypoppy
Atriplex canescensChamiso
Four-wing saltbush
Fourwing saltbush
Berlandiera lyrataChocolate daisy
Chocolate flower
Lyreleaf greeneyes
Green-Eyed lyre leaf
Bothriochloa barbinodisCane bluestem
Bouteloua curtipendulaSideoats grama
Bouteloua dactyloidesBuffalograss
Buffalo grass
Bouteloua eriopodaBlack grama
Bouteloua gracilisBlue grama
Bouteloua hirsutaHairy grama
Calamovilfa giganteaGiant sandreed
Prairie sandreed
Calylophus hartwegiiHartweg's sundrops
Western Primrose
Callirhoe involucrataWinecup
Purple poppy mallow
Centaurea americanaAmerican basket-flower
American star-thistle
Star thistle
Shaving brush
Centaurium beyrichiiMountain pink
Meadow pink
Celtis laevigataSugar hackberry
Texas sugarberry
Palo blanco
Celtis laevigata var. reticulataNetleaf hackberry
Netleaf sugar hackberry
Sugar Hackberry
Texas Sugarberry
Palo Blanco
Cercocarpus montanusAlderleaf mountain mahogany
Alder-leaf mountain-mahogany
Mountain mahogany
Silverleaf mountain mahogany
Cercocarpus montanus var. argenteusSilver mountain mahogany
Mountain mahogany
True mountain mahogany
Silverleaf mountain mahogany
Cephalanthus occidentalisCommon buttonbush
Button willow
Chloris virgataFeather fingergrass
Showy chloris
Cirsium texanumTexas thistle
Corydalis aureaScrambled eggs
Golden corydalis
Corydalis curvisiliquaCurvepod
Curvepod fumewort
Golden Smoke
Scrambled Eggs
Cooperia drummondiiEvening rain lily
Evening star rain lily
Coreopsis lanceolataLanceleaf coreopsis
Lanceleaf tickseed
Lance-leaved coreopsis
Sand coreopsis
Coreopsis tinctoriaPlains coreopsis
Golden tickseed
Dasyochloa pulchellaFluff grass
Low woollygrass
Datura wrightiiSacred thorn-apple
Thorn apple
Angel Trumpet
Sacred datura
Digitaria californicaArizona cottontop
California cottontop
California crab grass
Diospyros texanaTexas persimmon
Mexican persimmon
Black persimmon
Chapote prieto
Elymus canadensisCanada wild rye
Canadian wildrye
Prairie wildrye
Nodding wildrye
Elymus elymoides ssp. brevifoliusSquirreltail
Long-leaf squirrel-tail
Ephedra antisyphiliticaMormon tea
Eriogonum annuumAnnual buckwheat
Wild Buckwheat
Eryngium leavenworthiiLeavenworth's eryngo
False purple thistle
Erioneuron pilosumHairy Woollygrass
Hairy Tridens
Eriogonum wrightiiPerennial buckwheat
Wright buckwheat
Wild buckwheat
Bastard sage
Euphorbia marginataSnow on the mountain
Funastrum cynanchoidesFringed twinevine
Climbing milkweed vine
Funastrum cynanchoides ssp. heterophyllumHartweg's twinevine
Vine milkweed
Gaillardia pinnatifidaBlanket flower
Red dome blanketflower
Red-dome blanket-flower
Yellow gaillardia
Gaillardia pulchellaFirewheel
Indian Blanket
Gaillardia suavisPerfumeballs
Pincushion daisy
Fragrant gaillardia
Rayless gaillardia
Glandularia bipinnatifida var. bipinnatifidaPrairie verbena
Purple prairie verbena
Dakota mock vervain
Dakota vervain
Glossopetalon planitierumPlains greasebush
Gutierrezia sarothraeBroom snakeweed
Texas snakeweed
Turpentine weed
Heliotropium curassavicumSalt heliotrope
Seaside heliotrope
Quail plant
Cola de mico
Cola de gama
Helianthus petiolarisPrairie sunflower
Plains sunflower
Heliotropium tenellumPasture heliotrope
White heliotrope
Hymenopappus flavescensYellow plainsman
Ipomoea leptophyllaBush morning-glory
Juniperus monospermaOneseed juniper
One-seed juniper
Cherrystone juniper
Juniperus pinchotiiPinchot's juniper
Pinchot juniper
Redberry juniper
Juniperus scopulorumRocky Mountain juniper
Rocky Mountain red cedar
Leptochloa dubiaGreen sprangletop
Lesquerella fendleriFendler's bladderpod
Lepidium montanumMountain peppergrass
Western peppergrass
Mountain pepperweed
Mountain pepperwort
Montana pepperweed
Linum berlandieri var. berlandieriBerlandier's yellow flax
Yellow Flax
Stiff-stem flax
Linum hudsonioidesHudson Flax
Texas flax
Yellow Flax
Lithospermum incisumFringed Puccoon
Narrowleaf Stoneseed
Narrowleaf Gromwell
Fringed Gromwell
Narrow-leaved Puccoon
Linum pratenseMeadow flax
Liatris punctataDotted blazing star
Dotted gayfeather
Dotted liatris
Linum rigidumStiffstem flax
Large-flower yellow flax
Yellow flax
Lobelia cardinalisCardinal flower
Melampodium leucanthumBlackfoot Daisy
Rock daisy
Plains blackfoot
Melica nitensThree-flower melic
Tall melicgrass
Threeflower melicgrass
Monarda citriodoraLemon beebalm
Purple horsemint
Lemon mint
Plains horsemint
Lemon horsemint
Purple lemon mint
Morus microphyllaLittleleaf mulberry
Mountain mulberry
Texas mulberry
Muhlenbergia arenaceaEar muhly
Muhlenbergia torreyiRing muhly
Torrey muhly
Nuttallanthus texanusTexas Toad-Flax
Texas toadflax
Oenothera speciosaPink evening primrose
Showy evening primrose
Mexican evening primrose
Showy primrose
Pink ladies
Pink buttercups
Opuntia engelmannii var. engelmanniiCactus apple
Prickly pear
Opuntia macrorhizaCommon prickly-pear
Plains prickly pear
Prickly Pear
Twist-spine prickly-pear
Twistspine pricklypear
Palafoxia roseaRosy palafox
Rose palafoxia
Pascopyrum smithiiWestern wheatgrass
Palafoxia sphacelataOthake
Sand palafoxia
Panicum virgatumSwitchgrass
Wand panic grass
Penstemon ambiguusPink plains penstemon
Pink plains beardtongue
Gilia penstemon
Gilia beardtongue
Sand penstemon
Sand beardtongue
Penstemon fendleriFendler's penstemon
Fendler's beardtongue
Fendler penstemon
Fendler beardtongue
Purple foxglove
Penstemon jamesiiJames's penstemon
James's beardtongue
James penstemon
James beardtongue
Phacelia integrifoliaGyp blue-curls
Gypsum phacelia
Pinus edulisColorado pinyon pine
Pinyon pine
Two-needle pine
Colorado pinyon
Polygala albaWhite milkwort
scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery

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