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Native Plants for Container Gardens in Central Texas

Native Plants for Container Gardens in Central Texas by Andrea DeLong-Amaya, Director of Horticulture, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. These plants are all native to the Central Texas region and are especially useful in container gardens. If you live outside of Central Texas, these may or may not be native to your area.

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scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery
Aquilegia canadensisEastern red columbine
Wild red columbine
Aquilegia chrysantha var. hinckleyanaHinckley's golden columbine
Yellow columbine
Hinckley columbine
Capote columbine
Bacopa monnieriCoastal Water-hyssop
Water hyssop
Bouteloua curtipendulaSideoats grama
Capsicum annuumChile pequin
Chile petin
Bird pepper
Turkey pepper
Cayenne pepper
Callirhoe involucrataWinecup
Purple poppy mallow
Callirhoe pedataPalmleaf poppymallow
Standing Winecup
Finger Poppy-mallow
Carex planostachysCedar sedge
Chasmanthium latifoliumInland sea oats
Indian wood oats
Wild oats
River oats
Flathead oats
Upland Oats
Upland Sea Oats
Chrysactinia mexicanaDamianita
Conoclinium coelestinumBlue mistflower
Wild ageratum
Blue boneset
Cooperia drummondiiEvening rain lily
Evening star rain lily
Cooperia pedunculataHill Country rain lily
Prairie lily
Rain lily
Dalea greggiiGregg dalea
Gregg's prairie clover
Trailing indigo bush
Indigo bush
Dyschoriste linearisSnake herb
Narrowleaf dyschoriste
Echinodorus cordifoliusCreeping burrhead
Lance-leaf Burhead
Radican Sword "Giant Mother Plant"
Equisetum hyemaleCanuela
Scouring rush
Scouringrush horsetail
Geum canadenseWhite avens
Giliastrum rigidulumBluebowls
Blue gilia
Glandularia bipinnatifidaPurple prairie verbena
Prairie verbena
Dakota vervain
Dakota mock vervain
Heterotheca canescensGray golden-aster
Hoary false goldenaster
Hymenocallis liriosmeSpring spiderlily
Spider Lily
Spring Spider Lily
Hydrocotyle umbellataManyflower marshpennywort
Iris virginicaVirginia iris
Great Blue Flag
Southern blueflag
Justicia americanaAmerican water-willow
Lindheimera texanaTexas yellowstar
Texas star
Lindheimer daisy
Texas yellow star
Lobelia cardinalisCardinal flower
Ludwigia octovalvisMexican primrose-willow
Narrow-leaf Water Primrose
Mexican Primrose Willow
Lupinus texensisTexas bluebonnet
Texas lupine
Buffalo clover
Marshallia caespitosaBarbara's-buttons
White Barbara's-buttons
Manfreda maculosaFalse Aloe
Spice lily
Marsilea macropodaBigfoot water clover
Water clover
Largefoot pepperwort
Marsilea vestitaHairy water clover
Water clover
Melampodium leucanthumBlackfoot Daisy
Rock daisy
Plains blackfoot
Nemophila phacelioidesBaby blue-eyes
Flannel breeches
Large-flower baby-blue-eyes
Largeflower baby blue eyes
Texas baby blue eyes
Nolina lindheimerianaDevil's shoestring
Ribbon grass
Nolina texanaTexas sacahuista
Texas beargrass
Basket grass
Oenothera macrocarpaBigfruit evening-primrose
Missouri evening-primrose
Big-fruit evening-primrose
Missouri Primrose
Packera obovataGolden groundsel
Roundleaf groundsel
Roundleaf ragwort
Penstemon baccharifoliusRock penstemon
Cut-Leaf Penstemon
Baccharis-leaf beardtongue
Beard Tongue
Penstemon tenuisBrazos penstemon
Gulf penstemon
Gulf Coast penstemon
Sharpsepal beardtongue
Phlox drummondiiAnnual phlox
Drummond phlox
Phyla nodifloraTexas frogfruit
Turkey tangle fogfruit
Phlox pilosaDowny phlox
Prairie phlox
Fragrant phlox
Pontederia cordataPickerelweed
Pickerel rush
Rivina humilisPigeonberry
Rouge plant
Baby peppers
Salvia coccineaScarlet Sage
Tropical Sage
Blood sage
Salvia greggiiAutumn sage
Cherry sage
Gregg salvia
Salvia lyrataLyreleaf sage
Cancer weed
Salvia penstemonoidesBig red sage
Penstemon sage
scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery

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