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All Native Northwestern Mix

All Native Northwestern Mix for Northern California, Western Oregon and Washington. This mixture contains 15 wildflowers, 11 annuals for first-year color, plus 4 perennials or biennials for second and successive years' bloom. This wildflower mix was created especially for the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center by American Meadows.

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scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery
Clarkia amoenaFarewell to spring
Clarkia unguiculataElegant clarkia
Elegant fairyfan
Mountain garland
Collinsia heterophyllaPurple Chinese houses
Harlequin blue-eyed Mary
Chinese houses
Coreopsis tinctoriaPlains coreopsis
Golden tickseed
Eschscholzia californicaCalifornia poppy
California gold poppy
Gilia capitataBlue gilia
Blue-head gily-flower
Bluehead gilia
Globe gilia
Gilia tricolorBird's-eye gilia
Layia platyglossaCoastal tidytips
Leptosiphon grandiflorusLarge-flower desert-trumpets
Largeflower linanthus
Mountain phlox
Linum lewisii var. lewisiiBlue flax
Prairie flax
Lupinus albicaulisSicklekeel lupine
Lupinus polyphyllusBigleaf lupine
Blue-pod lupine
Meadow lupine
Bog lupine
Mentzelia lindleyiLindley's blazingstar
Evening star
Nemophila maculataFivespot
Nemophila menziesiiBaby blue eyes
Menzies baby blue eyes
Oenothera elata ssp. hookeriHooker's evening-primrose
Giant evening-primrose
Phacelia campanulariaDesertbells
Blue bells
Desert Canterbury bells
scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery

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17 Results:   10  25  50 100 per page