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Advisory Council

When the Wildflower Center became a fully integrated part of the University of Texas at Austin in September 2006, the Board of Trustees that had governed the Center as an independent organization became an Advisory Council. The Council serves to further the mission, goals, programs, services, activities and development of the the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. New members are recommended by the Council's Nominating Committee and appointed by the University president to three-year terms. The Council meets twice a year in the Spring and Fall. If you would like to learn more about our Council, please contact Kaitlin Ingram at 512.232.0138.


Alan Glen (Vice Chair)
Alane Simons (Secretary)
Alexandra Prentice Saenz
Brian McGee Shivers
Carol Stoddard
Carole Bailey
Carole Bond Jordan
Carolyn Long
Cathey Graham
Chris L. Caudill
Christopher Sanders
Cindy Keever
Dell Hood
Diana MacArthur
Ellen Petersen
Fritz Steiner (ex officio)
Gentner Drummond
Heather Catto Kohout
James Cousar (Chair)
James Flieller
Jeanie Carter
Jeanie Wyatt
Jeffrey Howell 
Jennifer Robb
Karen Kennard
Kay White Neslage
Kenneth Wells
Kerry Getter
Kim Hutchings
Linda Hicke (ex officio)
Luci Baines Johnson
Lucinda R. Sanders
Mark E. Osborne
Mary Ann Rankin
Mary O'Boyle
Minnie Hollyman
Nancy Abendshein
Nancy Garrison
Nancy Perot
Olive Talley
Paul G. Sittenfeld
Peter C. Selig
Peter Crane
Regan Gammon
Sarah F. Perot
Staley Gray
Steven Carothers
Susan G. Conway
Susan Rieff (ex officio)
Suzanne L. Turner
Sydney Davis
Tara Eastland
Thomas Mason
Wendy Wallace Kelsey
Wilhelmina Delco
William C. Powers, Jr. (ex officio)

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